December 3

2nd cousin Kristen with Perry


In our papasan swing


December 7

 Ellen (Mommy's friend) holding Perry and Ella


Perry and Ella on their taggie blankets (a gift from Mommy's online buddy group)


December 8


Mommy and Ella played dress up today (Perry was sleeping)


December 9


Snug as a bug in a rug

Visit from Uncle Andrew and Aunt Maggie


December 10


On our way to get our RSV shots


The girls were weighed at the clinic:

Perry weighs 6 pounds 9 ounces

Ella weighs 6 pounds 5 ounces


December 11

We walk alike, we talk alike, sometimes we even SLEEP alike!

Speaking of sleep...this is Daddy and Ella watching the *exciting* Rams game

 Riesy wanted to get in on this sleep-fest


December 13


Tummy time for Ella


Tummy time for Perry


Sister tummy time

Notice Perry holding her head up...what a big girl!


They're even cute from the backside!


December 14


Awake in our swing


Asleep in our swing


Visit from Aunt Maggie and Aunt Angela

Hanging out in our crib


December 16


Visit from Great Uncle Chris & 2nd cousin Lindsay


Perry & Mommy


Enough pictures, I'm hungry...guess I'll have to eat your face Mommy


December 17

Ella likes to rotate while she sleeps


December 18


Perry finally got to try on her Christmas outfit

(She's wishing peace to all in the 2nd picture)


Perry sporting her pink hairbow...Ella took hers off


 2 babies NOT sleeping in their crib during naptime


 Perry with Great Uncle Chris and Great Aunt Melanie


Perry with 2nd cousin Amanda and Ella with Great Aunt Anne


December 21

Perry & Ella's *real* due date!


Great Grandma Betty feeding Perry and Grandma Bast feeding Ella

Perry in her boppy


December 22

Ella doing her rotational sleeping again

Visit from Karin and Jackie


December 24

Family picture with their Christmas dresses (even Riesy got in...a little bit)


With 2nd cousins Courtney and Ben (Courtney's sporting a mask to keep Ella germ-free)


With Great Uncle Greg and Ben...and Emily and Courtney

Great Aunts Carole and Judy

Family picture with their PJ's on


With 2nd cousin Kristen and Great Aunt JJ


2nd cousin Tim, Great Aunt JJ, and Great Uncle John

Rogan family picture


December 25

Perry & Ella's First Christmas!

Look at all our presents!


Ella thought Perry had more presents than her..."WHAT?!?!"


Teethers and Baby Einstein stuff

Look at all the cool things we got!


Presents for Daddy from Perry & Ella


Our very cute Christmas PJs (they say "Mommy's Cutest Gift")


Phew, opening all those presents wore us out!


So sleepy!


Perry with Uncle Julio and Ella with Uncle Andrew

Santa stopped by our house on Christmas afternoon (after he finished delivering all his presents)


December 26

Mommy & Ella are worn out from Christmas


December 27

We went to the doctor today to get Perry's hemangioma on her finger checked out. 

We were referred to a pediatric plastic surgeon/hand specialist and have an appointment with him tomorrow at St. John's. 

On a happier note...the girls were weighed again:

Perry weighs 8 pounds 9 ounces

Ella weighs 8 pounds 4 ounces

They are growing, growing, growing!



Visit from Great Uncle Mark and Great Aunt Beverly


We make them hold their own bottles now (not really)


December 28

We saw the pediatric plastic surgeon today and Perry got a steroid shot in her finger.

The steroids are supposed to prevent the hemangioma from getting bigger and we are to report back in 2 weeks.

The doctor was very impressed with Perry's bravery as she got the shot...hardly any crying at all!


December 29

More pictures with Mommy & Daddy


Left this one in color to show off those big beautiful blue eyes!


Side by side comparison of picture taken November 19th and today (almost 6 weeks later)

They are definitely getting bigger!


December 31




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