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October 26th

Belly measuring 42 weeks at 32 weeks

1+ cm dilated and 70% effaced

Bed rest until next appointment on November 1st


October 31st

More swelling, increased blood pressure, rapid weight gain

Blood and urine test for toxemia (pre-eclampsia)

No more dilation/effacement

Bed rest for good

Next appointment November 1st


November 1st

Blood pressure still high, urine showing protein

Iron is low - anemia

Another blood test done

Sent to hospital for steroid shots and overnight monitoring

Received steroid shot at 7 PM


November 2nd

Blood and urine tests are showing signs of pre-eclampsia

Blood pressure has stabilized, but is still slightly higher than normal

Babies were monitored overnight and are doing well

Weighing roughly 3 pounds 14 ounces and 4 pounds 5 ounces

The Rogan babies could be here as early as Friday, depending on blood and urine test results

Received 2nd steroid shot at 7 PM


In the hospital with the fetal monitors on (11/3)


November 3rd

Signs still pointing towards pre-eclampsia

Blood test showed elevated levels of enzymes and acid

Babies being monitored 3 times a day and doing fine

Waiting for results of 24 hour urine test (tomorrow at 5:45 AM)

Will be here until delivery...taking it one day at a time

Perinatology ultrasound done and the girls weigh 4 pounds 10 ounces and 4 pounds 6 ounces, blood flow is good


November 4th

Blood test still the same

Urine test showing increased level of protein

Blood pressure is fluctuating between high and normal

Babies still being monitored 3 times a day and doing fine

Perinatologist met with us and we will deliver by Wednesday, November 9th (34 weeks)

Still taking it day by day; if things get worse, we will deliver 


November 5th

5:45 AM - Contractions every 2-4 minutes, blood pressure and weight up

8:00 AM - Dr. Snowden did exam - 3cm dilated and 50% effaced

11:30 AM - Epidural

12:00 PM - Baby A (Perry) water broken

1:00 PM - Started magnesium to prevent seizures

1:30 PM - Started pitocin to induce labor

3:00 & 4:00 PM - Pitocin increased, still 3 cm dilated

5:00 PM - Epidural "turbo boost"

6:00 PM - Pitocin decreased, magnesium working against it

6:30 PM - 5 cm dilated

7:00 PM - Epidural "turbo boost" again, pitocin increased

7:30 PM - Pitocin increased

9:00 PM - 10 cm dilated, nurse called Dr. Snowden

9:30 PM - Pushing in L&D to get Perry at +2 station

9:45 PM - Moved to operating room

10:14 PM - Perry is born

10:49 PM - Ella is born


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