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Bast Shower

Fitness & Fun Studio

9/24/05    2 PM



Food table                                  Tower of cookies


                     Guest table                   Close up of bear table decoration


Gift table                                            Balloons


Game table with all the baby food jars                             All the guest tables


Playing games


        Butt Paste and The Potty Book


Photo album and matching robes


Personalized towels and wipe warmer


Bethalto girls


Rogan Shower

9401 Pancho

10/1/05    12 PM



Food table                                                  Gift table & Guest table


Guest tables on the island




Blankets and more Butt Paste


 Fancy pants and Dave's Tripoli game


Mobiles and Osh Kosh B'Gosh overalls


Princess towels and Jeep stroller





Grandma Rogan, Grandma Bast, Mommy,

Great-Grandma Teppie, & Great-Grandma Betty


Couples Shower

Annex Lofts

10/15/05    7 PM




Sippy cup game


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