April 1

RSV shots today

Perry weighs 13 pounds 1 ounce and Ella weighs 13 pounds 13 ounces



Cute N Sassy and Sweet

Little onesies that Mommy made with iron on's


In our "jean shorts"

We're so tired from our walk


April 2


Awww, aren't we cute in our glider?


April 5



April 8

More sister time


A photo shoot with our little Easter bunnies...



April 9

Easter at Grandma & Grandpa Bast's


Perry & Ella in their Easter dresses



The Easter egg hunt

(Ella was napping...but Perry came out to hunt her eggs)

Perry & Mommy


April 10

Opening Day at the New Busch Stadium


The Clydesdales


Down the 3rd and 1st base lines


Root root root for the Cardinals!



Our Bumbo seats finally arrived!  Yay!


April 12

First experience with veggies...green beans!



Ella really liked her green beans...ate 'em all up!



Perry hated her green beans...can ya tell?

Ella's new favorite thing to do...grab ANYTHING!!


April 14

Rolling over:  A photo essay


Ella and Perry both in position to roll from back to tummy

Ella is successful!!!  She rolled from her tummy to her back!!!

Seconds after Ella rolled over, Perry also rolled from her tummy to her back. 

It happened so fast, Mommy couldn't even get good pictures of it. 

What a big day for milestones!!!

Some fun tummy time together

Perry sitting with Grandpa Rogan

Ella sitting with Daddy

Not too long before I'm gonna be walkin' around Mom!!!

Perry & Ella have invented a new sport...toe wrestling

Riesy says, "Okay, that's close enough kid"


Update on the green beans:

Wednesday - Perry hated them, Ella liked them

Thursday - Neither one of them cared for them

Friday - Perry ate all of hers (despite the awful looks on her face), Ella didn't seem to like them anymore


April 15

First time in the "big girl" bathtub




April 16



Ella & Perry with their baskets


Close ups of the baskets

Little chickadee cards and bunny beanies

"Got Milk?" sippy cups and sunglasses

Cute *Aunt Jemima* headbands and bunny ears

Look at all our stuff!!

Ella & Perry with 2nd cousin Jack (a.k.a. Bob the Builder)

(we're not really sure about the genealogy of cousins...but we think that's right)

Rogan Family


Ella with Uncle Andrew and Great Aunt JJ

Perry with Stephanie and Great Uncle John

Perry either loves wearing her headband or sharing her seat with Ella


April 17

Perry has serious milk coma


April 20

Favorite morning activity...watching Baby Einstein!

This entertained us for awhile...Mommy trying to hold the camera with her feet to take a picture

Never got all 3 of us in the shot very well, but they didn't seem to mind

"Uh Mom, I think my hand is stuck in here"


April 21

One quick pose for Mommy and then back to our serious game of toe wrestling


Veggie Update

Peas went pretty well, both girls seemed to like them


April 22

And then there were carrots...


"Do I have anything on my face?"


"Ok that was fun, but clean me up please"


Both girls seemed to like carrots, but the spoons are now stained orange...yuck


Perry's laid back even when she sleeps


April 23

We have lots of hats, so we had a hat fashion show


April 25

Cute onesies that Daddy bought


Playing with our love bugs in our bumbos

Did Ella just stick her tongue out at me Mom?


April 26


Ella not only gets out of her swaddle, but likes to turn on her side with her face in the bumper while she sleeps

And here's Perry with her arms behind her head


April 30

Hanging out in our crib together with our sleep sacks on


Awww, sister snuggles


First fruit...bananas!

Does she like anything?!?!


Of course, Ella will eat anything


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