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August 2

Ella sleeping in the pack n play (she got evicted from the nursery the night before)

Isn't she cute sleeping up on her knees though?

Ella fell asleep all hunched over in the swing, but woke up as I was taking her picture

It's hard to get a centered picture of a moving object!


August 3



Ella, our little Babushka, playing with her blocks and *crawling* backwards

Perry says, "Don't you dare put that thing on my head, Mom!"

"I told you not to put this thing on my head!!!"

"I'm so gonna get you back one day Mom"


"All right fine, a couple good poses in this thing, and then will you take it off?"


August 5



August 7

We were *supposed* to have Perry's plastic surgeon appointment today for her hemangioma, but it has been re-scheduled for the 21st.

Just to reference how good her finger is doing, here are some before and after pics. 



February 12th and August 3rd


Ella's on the move!

She scooted herself backwards all the way off the blanket and around the couch

Getting farther and farther

I'm up on all 4s...HELP! I think my leg is stuck under the couch

Still backing up...Turned around

I'm back!...Now I'm backing up again

Overall view of how far Ella got (note the blanket in the background)

And poor little Perry still sitting on the blanket


August 9

Ella's first graham cracker stick


August 11

9 month appointment

17 pounds, 15 ounces - 25-50th percentile
27.5 inches - 50th percentile
Head circumference - 75-90th percentile

18 pounds, 7 ounces - 50th percentile
27.25 inches - 50th percentile
Head circumference - 95th percentile

Perry is knocked out after her shot

(Only 1 shot today...polio vaccination)


August 12

Grandma made us wear our shorts on our heads

(kind of look like tropical Popes, don't they?)


August 20

Trip to City Museum

Outside the parking lot

Outside the museum

Perry loved the little crocodiles

The sting ray pool

Daddy and Ella

Perry's not a fan of the shark


Loving the fake turtle


Looking at the fishies

One of our favorite attractions...the mirror


Toddler Town...Ella actually used her feet to move that car! 

(and then she fell down through the hole)


Ella on the Sumo wrestler and Perry on the tiger

In Aunt Angela and Uncle Julio's reception hall

Clowning around with Mommy and Daddy


Admission tickets to City Museum...$24

Admission tickets to World Aquarium...$12

2 AA batteries for the camera...$2

Starbursts and a soda...$2

Sleeping on the way home...PRICELESS!

(the pictures were taken into the backseat mirrors, so they're not that clear)

Someone found her nostrils!..."What? At least I didn't eat it"


August 21

Perry's pediatric plastic surgeon appointment...see blog for details


August 23

Perry has a tooth!  Just broke through today...bottom left.

Ella is still at 2...her bottom ones.


August 26

We forgot we had these suits (not very practical) so we did a fashion show before going to the pool today

In honor of Justin Timberlake's new song, *we're bringing sexy back*




What's with this chilly weather? 

We had to break out the fall are some of our new jeans and shoes!

Ella's very interested in touching Perry's shoes

"What? I know I'm cute."


"Can you hurry up Mom? I might fall over soon."

Notice Riesy sticking his nose in the picture

She didn't get like this on her own...but it won't be long

Now that we've moved Ella's mattress down, she figured out that she can pull the bumper down and see out of her crib

Eating her bottle in her crib

"Is it night-night time yet?"


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