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December 1

More fun with the new camera


We're snowed in today!  Daddy stayed home from work but I don't know if we'll go's TOO cold!


December 2

Ella and Perry with Grandpa and Grandma Rogan

Perry playing with her booster seat straps


December 8

Ella must have already seen this episode of Everybody Loves Raymond


December 9

A "preview" of our holiday pics at Sears



December 12

Trying on our new slippers from Mommy's online Secret Santa


Little Ms. Dramatic Face

Ella playing amidst all the toys

Perry playing with her push cart


December 13

Stutte Christmas Party

Having fun at the dinner table

Perry sitting with Aunt Angela


Ella walked right up to Santa

Getting a candy cane from Santa


"Who is this guy?"..."Alright, he's not so bad"

Perry checking out Santa and now Ella is sad! 

Hanging out with Aunt Angela and Uncle Julio

Perry playing with the toys that Santa gave her

Ella "drinking" a water bottle


Perry and Great Uncle Tim


December 17

Bast Christmas


Perry loved the singing/dancing Santa

Merry Christmas!

We love presents!

Ella and Christian...Ella amidst the presents


Perry and Mommy opening presents

The Dora push/ride on toy was a hit!

Ella and Daddy


Ella on her Dora car

"Get this bow off my fingers!"

All the great grandkids

Christian, Jake, and Nathan in the back row...Anna, Remi, Ella, Perry, and Arista in the front row

Ella and Perry

Perry and Grandpa


December 18

Our picture with Santa

(Perry started crying seconds after this was taken)


December 23

Rogan Christmas


Playing around after lunch/before presents

Opening presents with Aunt Angela and Daddy

Perry and Daddy


Perry trying on her new hat...and checking out Tommy and Joseph's gift

Daddy is excited about the crawl through tunnel!

Perry entertaining us with her new instruments...and playing with Grandma's Little People Zoo


Ella close ups


Pratt Christmas

Perry LOVES Christmas trees

So much to see and touch at Great Grandma's house


Perry and Mommy...Ella and cousin Courtney

Perry playing peek-a-boo with her cardigan

Ella the bow snatcher

Daddy and Mommy (and Junior)

Daddy, Ella, Mommy, Perry

Grandma, Perry, Mommy, Daddy, Ella, Grandpa


December 24

We had breakfast and let the girls open 2 gifts each this morning

Ella crawling into her chair

Presents that Perry & Ella gave to each other...shirts that say "Blame my sister"

They were way more interested in the foyer than in opening presents


Ella on the move

Perry playing with the ribbon from her presents

Some Riesy pics

You still have to be nice to each other for one more day...Santa's watching!

Ella in the sunlight

Sittin' in our chairs

Perry standing on her own!

Perry climbing the steps with Daddy


Stuhlmann Christmas

With Aunt Angela and Uncle Julio

Playing with Jack and Drew's train table

Ella being silly


Perry playing with some toys

Perry taking a ride with Aunt Angela

What a ham!


December 25

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Christmas morning with Mommy & Daddy

Perry with all the presents...and getting a Christmas kiss from Mommy


How big is Perry?...SO BIG!

Hurry up Ella, we're waiting on you

Perry opening a's ducks for the bottom of our tub!

"Here sissy, this one's for you"

Showing off our new onesies

Ella wants Riesy's toy..."I got it!"

Epitome of Christmas...Mommy opening gifts and Perry and Ella off doing their own things

Our first "boy toy" is a hit!  The girls love their dump truck!

Perry loves to play peek a boo

Ella's new skill...SHARING!


Perry and Elmo

Not too sure what to think about Elmo T.M.X. yet


Christmas afternoon with the Rogans

Perry loves her Elmo book


Ella and Daddy opening presents

Ella opening a present with Aunt Angela...a plate and mug for Santa's cookies and milk


Christmas evening with the Basts

More presents!


We love bows and ribbons


Ella taking some bottle breaks

Perry trying to touch the Santa night light


More peek a boo from Perry

You girls do know that there are TWO of those chairs, right?


Ella with the dog's toy again

Mommy and Ella both need a drink break


Ella and Grandma playing with the Dora car

One more round of peek a boo...this time with a box


December 29

Cousin Jack's 3rd birthday party

The birthday boy!


Perry and Aunt Angela waiting for Jack to blow out his candles

Make a wish!


December 30

New decor in Perry & Ella's room

Ella on the changing table


December 31

Perry and Daddy building some new shelves for the nursery

Perry reading the directions


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