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July 1

We got a new pool!


July 3

Had to get a new camera...the sliding door on our old one was broken.

Trying to get shots of Ella's new teeth

(She had 1 break through on June 26th and the 2nd one shortly after)

Playing on our activity mat


Some Ella shots...just messing around with the new camera


Some shots of Perry...big blue eyes!

And Riesy...ready for bed


July 4


Look at our big girls...sitting up all by themselves!!!

Our onesies say "daddy's lil sparklers"


With Daddy and Mommy (festive in our Old Navy flag shirts!)

Ella says "Go ahead Mom, take another picture of me, I dare you"...Perry says "Oy, not another picture"

"Come closer if you dare"

The fireworks in our neighborhood


Riesy, Perry, and Daddy watching the show

First fireworks show for Perry!

(Ella was sleeping)


July 5



July 8

Jacob's 1st birthday party

Perry sitting with Daddy and Ella in the stroller


"Alright lady, what is it with you and the pictures?"

Trying to catch a catnap in our stroller...A ha!  Ella *does* sleep in the stroller!

Jacob, the birthday boy, was not too interested in his cupcake


"Wanna see my foot?"

Chillin' in my stroller


Playing with our link-a-doos

Aww, aren't they cute?

(And you can kind of see Ella's 2 bottom teeth peeking through)


July 13


Perry is very busy with her aquatic activity mat


July 15

We can sit on our activity mat now




They're so serious on their smiles at all!


July 20


Ella's hair after a bath...and after using the brush


July 21

We have standing girls!!!



*They can't balance for very long, but what an accomplishment!


Experimenting with the black and white setting

Ella will hold her own bottle for Daddy, but not for Mommy


July 24


Perry playing with our new Laugh & Learn Table

Ella likes to do *the lean* on the table


July 26

Perry playing with the table again...she must think there's actual soup in that bowl!


July 29

Our little Pooh and Tigger too

Hangin' out in Ella's crib


July 30

Perry working hard...or hardly working??

Ella looks nervous...maybe because she knows all these pictures end up on the internet???

Such stylish' hair after a bath...making it difficult for Daddy to put my diaper on


Getting my hair brushed

Ok, now you can take my picture!

Pear Bear getting dressed after her bath

"I'm readin' this here book Mom, leave me alone"


"I can read too...ball, apple"

"Uh, I can't read, but I can fetch"

Mmmm, chocolate milk

(not has prune juice in it)


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