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June 1

6 month check up today (even though they are 4 days shy of being 7 months old)

Only 2 shots this appointment at 9 months

Weight: 15 pounds 5 ounces (10-25th percentile)
Length: 26 5/8 inches (50th percentile)
Head circumference: 17 inches (50th percentile)

Weight: 16 pounds 8 ounces (25-50th percentile)
Length: 26 inches (25-50th percentile)
Head circumference: 17 3/4 inches (95th percentile)


Ella (with her bandaid from the shot) reaching for Riesy

"I won't pull your hair doggie...I promise"


June 4

View of Busch Stadium from the East parking garage

Going to the game


June 8

Finger painting with Mommy

We have some little Picassos on our hands


We like sitting in our Bumbos at the table!

Ella's working so hard on feeding herself...with a little help from a rolled up washcloth


June 9

Our preppy babies in Ralph Lauren dresses

"Ella, put your hand down...Perry, smile"

"Ella, sit up straight...Perry, smile"

"Ella, perfect...Perry, smile"


Perry: a woman of many expressions

Ella: just a bit mischievous


June 10


Perry in the pool with Daddy

(don't worry, we put a hat on her right after the picture)


Ella in the pool with Daddy

(her hat barely fits her big 95th percentile head)


Ella and Perry eating with Mommy under the towels

Perry playing the piano at Great Aunt Carole's house

(that was Mommy's piano when she was little...and probably someone else's way before that)


Pit stop at the gas station because it was raining too hard on the way home from cousin Courtney's graduation party

(the car was Britney Spears action here)


June 11


Ella in the swing at cousin Kristen's house

Visit with Great Grandma Laverne

(the girls were a hit with all the residents!)


June 16

Perry and Ella sitting up at the same time


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June 18-23    Pensacola, Florida


June 18


Ella in Jack's John Deere hat


Perry hanging out with Daddy after dinner

Grandpa Steve catching some Z's after a long drive


June 19

Perry in the pool

I'm ready for my close up

Ella with Aunt Maggie's hat on


Lindsay feeding Perry...Aunt Maggie feeding Ella

Perry and Drew


At McGuire's restaurant

Ella in the stroller

Perry in the stroller


June 20

We're ready for the pool!

Perry says..."She's touching me!!!"


June 21

Hanging out with Amanda and Carly

Visit to Uncle Steve and Aunt Sandy's house while Great Grandma Betty was there

Trying to nap in the same pack 'n play


June 22

Hanging out in Mommy & Daddy's bed...and on the deck in our bumbo seats

Having some lunch before we go into the ocean


In the ocean with Daddy

With Daddy, Uncle Andrew, and Mommy

This is fun!!!

Perry hanging out in the boat

Ella liked to lick the salt water off of her hands

"Man, all that salt water sure did make me thirsty"


June 23

On the beach and in the water

With grandma and grandpa on the beach

A 3 hour tour

Perry playing with Daddy

Ella still licking the salt water...Perry with Mommy

Ella falling asleep to Grandma Deb's repetitive version of 3 Little Fishies

With Uncle Andrew and Aunt Maggie

All the kids...Perry, Jack, Drew, and Ella

Family picture

Rogan family picture (minus Aunt Angela and Uncle Julio)

Pit stop on the way home because Ella was fussy

Perry during the pit stop..."Um, can we go now?"

The set up in our rental minivan...the girls were in their "big girl" carseats with the DVD player

suspended between their 2 seats so they could watch Baby Einstein (note all of their stuff in the background)

"Are we home yet?"

Perry has her own town!!!

We picked up Riesy from his *vacation* at Grandma and Grandpa Bast's house


June 24

Daddy, Perry, and Riesy taking a nap together


June 25

Ella's first experience with a fruit puff...what a face

Perry's first experience with a fruit puff...guess she doesn't like it


June 28


(It's his *golden* birthday...28 on the 28th)

Lunch with Daddy at Olive Garden for his birthday


June 30

Dinner with Mommy's friend Jenny and her son Drew

Perry and Drew playing

Drew lovin' on Perry

Perry likes it!

All 3 kiddos

Perry & Ella are impressed with Drew's ability to get away from his Mommy

Mommy, Perry, Ella, Jenny, and Drew


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