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May 5



6 month pictures taken at Portrait Innovations


May 6

Congratulations to Aunt Angela and Uncle Julio on tying the knot!


May 7

Ella liked touching Uncle Andrew's hair


May 9

I'm *kind of* sitting...does this count?


I don't want to sit, I just want to be silly


All right, fine, I'll this okay?


Fruit update:

Bananas were okay, neither one of them cared much for applesauce,

FINALLY Perry likes something...pears!!!  Maybe because her nickname is Pear Bear??


May 12

Day at the zoo...for Mommy's First Mother's Day

In our stroller


Taking a nap during The River's Edge

The zoo worker said elephants are pregnant for 22 thanks!!!

Big fishies


Ella and Daddy looking at some monkey butt

Mommy and Perry with a monkey butt in the background

Addax and a Giraffe


Checking out the zebras from our stroller

Sea lions and Seals

Polar bear and Grizzly bears

Perry and Mommy with the penguins

(right before one of them splashed us)


The rest of our 6 month professional pictures

(had to keep them a "secret" because they were the grandmas' Mother's Day presents)



Food update:

We finished all the stage 1 veggies and fruits (except prunes...we're skipping those for now)

and we're going through some of the veggies a 2nd time and then will be moving on to stage 2's next week

Perry is doing really well...she opens her mouth and "chews" on the spoon

Ella does pretty well too...she's a bit messier and doesn't always open her mouth, but she likes almost everything


May 18


Ella with Andy & Perry with Tyler

(1st cousins, once removed...we think)

Ella introduced Andy to her friend Ralph

(she puked on him...or as Andy said, "She yakked on me")


May 19


Combining 2 activities into 1...Bumbo seats AND the activity mat


Food update:

We re-visited squash, peas, and green beans...still not very excited about the green veggies...and we tried prunes.

We had our first stage 2 food tonight (May 23rd)...cereal with applesauce and bananas.  Both girls really liked it.


May 24


Apparently Ella "stripped" while she was sleeping...Perry is cuddling her lovie


May 25

Trip to the Butterfly House


Pretty butterflies

In our stroller...with our buddy Jacob

By the waterfall


Pretty flower...and lake

Ella didn't want to be a butterfly


Perry & Ella really enjoyed the carousel

Bridget and Jacob...and Mommy's view of horsey butt


May 26

Ella in our "new" doorway jumper (thanks Kelly, Jim, & Jakob!)

Not quite jumping, but she sure can turn around...and get her arm through the leg hole


May 27

In our pool attire

In our rafts at the kiddie pool

Ella was so content she almost fell asleep (until a big kid splashed her)...Perry was kicking away in the water


Back in our robes to go home (note the big drool coming out of Ella's mouth)


Perry's turn in the jumper...she LOVES it!


And she can get her arm through the leg hole too

(Maybe mommy and daddy are unaware that this is the "cool" way to use the jumper)


May 28


Mommy's cousin Ashley with Perry & Ella


Great Aunt Sandy with Ella...Mommy's cousin Alex with Perry


May 29

Happy Memorial Day!

Cute little ruffle bottoms

Playing with our toys


Ella feeding herself...Perry snuggling with Daddy


May 31

At the ballgame

Ella wearing Mrs. Chamberlain's stylish!

Back home with Mommy in our PJs


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