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November 4

Perry & Ella's 1st Birthday Party!


The castle bounce house

The garage/tables


Centerpieces and balloons


The kid tables


The birthday girls' seats

The cake table

The cakes

The princesses on their thrones

Using their magic wands to make gifts appear

Happy Birthday Baby Girls!

Perry with Great Grandma Betty and Bill...and with Great Grandma Teppie and Great Aunt Carole


Ella with Great Aunt Judy and Great Grandma Teppie

Playing on the floor


Getting ready for cake...Poor Perry still doesn't like hats on her head

Ella exploring her princess cake

"I can't believe my Mommy is letting me put my hands in this"


"I don't like being messy!!!"


Such a sad Bear...ahhh, that's better!

Perry daintily touching her princess cake

"Um, there's stuff on my fingers"

Overall, the cakes were NOT a hit with the birthday girls

All of the presents...THANK YOU!

Grandpa John in the bounce house


Perry and Ella made an announcement at their birthday party...

They will become big sisters in May 2007...

click on the "Baby #3" button at the top of the page for more information!


November 5

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Perry playing with her Little People house...and trying to tell us she's 1 today

Birthday lunch at IHOP


November 7

12 month check up today

Perry: 20 pounds 9 ounces (25-50th%); 28.75 inches (25-50th%)

Ella: 19 pounds 5 ounces (10-25th%); 28.25 inches (25th%)


Apparently they needed a little Bud Light after those shots

Of all the things in the pantry to grab, Perry grabs the beer


November 9

Ella demonstrating the improper way to sit in her bouncy seat


November 10

Playing in our "new" playroom


Look at those cute standing girls

Loving that house!...Thanks Figge family!


November 12


Perry modeling her new "Everyone loves a blue eyed girl" shirt

(and surprisingly, no one mistook them for boys in their blue shirts)


November 13

Our new xylophone toy

(Mommy is working on an ABC book and needed something that started with X)

Perry L-O-V-E-S her new xylophone tiger!!!


November 18

Perry & Ella became official residents of 223 Greenshire 1 year ago today!


November 19

Perry found a new friend

"Whatcha workin' on Dad?"..."Can I help?"


Uh oh, another CPA in the family?


Perry loves to stand!

But not with her sissy

Banging our shoes on the linoleum


Very cute outfits!


November 20

Perry is a kneeling girl now!

(And yes, she's wearing a Santa shirt...we gotta get all the uses out of it that we can!)


November 22

Thanksgiving at Great Grandma Teppie's


November 23

Happy Thanksgiving!

Just hanging out watching the Macy's Parade

Pear Bear getting into her kneeling position

Playing in the sunlight...what a warm Thanksgiving Day!

With Jack & Drew...Perry kept touching poor Jack

Happy Thanksgiving!

Perry showing Uncle Andrew where the shapes go in the shape sorter


November 27

2 standing girls

Perry's new toy...the curtains


November 29

Mommy got another new camera...this one is pretty fancy!

"What is it Mommy?"

Ella cruising

Close ups of red eye reduction needed!

Perry was not as photogenic


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