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October 1

Our one day at the was a lot of work to lug all that gear out there!

Perry hanging out by the cooler...Ella in the pack n play


October 3

Playing with our toys


Trip to Bamboo Willie's


On the Boardwalk


Ella being silly in Daddy's t-shirt...Perry found a new pillow that she likes


October 4

In our McGuire's outfits at TACO BELL!

Baby models


Ella being silly while we wait for Daddy to go to the pool

Perry's relaxin' during her wait

Ella says, "How come Perry's always eating before we get in the pool?!?"


Little Ms. Busy Body


October 5

Happy 11 month birthday Perry & Ella!

We want to thank everyone who has viewed this website on a regular basis, said a prayer for us while the girls were in the NICU, and has shared in the growth of our new family over the last year.  Please join us to celebrate at Perry & Ella's first birthday party on Saturday, November 4th at 12 PM.  RSVP to Amber at


And of course, a pit stop at Taco Bell on our way home (with our Peg Leg Pete's outfits on)


October 7

Who can finish first?


October 8

Ella sporting a turkey hat at Babies R Us


Rombach Farms in Chesterfield

So much to look at!

Ella is not a fan of sitting on the grass/dirt and Perry is preoccupied with the pumpkins

Perry wants to get this pumpkin

Ella's still not happy sitting on the pumpkin


The Great Pumpkin Pyramid and some weird goat wizard thing


Mommy's pumpkins

Ella sees the funnel cake stand...Mmmmmmm

Daddy, Ella, & Perry with our pumpkin


October 9

Trading in Daddy's Lincoln for Mommy's new "soccer mom" car


October 10

Not a fan of the pumpkin hats


October 14

In our warm hats to go to swim class


Grandma and Grandpa came to class and took pictures for us

Splashin' and standin' girls

On our kickboards

Floating on our backs

Swim, swim, swim!

Jumping off the wall into the water

Perry & Mommy swimming

Ella & Daddy swimming

Sitting on the ledge again...jump Ella!

All done!

Bundled up to go outside


October 24

At Game 3 of the World Series...a winner!


October 29

Perry likes to get UNDER the exersaucer now

Smiley Ella waking up from her nap


Trick or treating at Grandma & Grandpa Bast's

Trick or Treat!

Perry & Ella, our 2 little monkeys


"Where's the candy?"


Monkey See (Perry), Monkey Do (Ella)

Where are those monkeys going?

With Grandpa & Grandma


Trick or treating at The Annex

"Uh, trick or treat?"

Perry taking a bottle break with Grandma...Ella wants to know where her ba ba is

Perry playing with some kitchen utensils with Aunt Angela...Ella telling Uncle Julio a story


October 31

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting  Photobucket - Video and Image HostingPhotobucket - Video and Image Hosting

We're famous again!  Click here to see Perry & Ella on The Nest!


Hanging out with our friend Macy at Payless


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