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September 2

Mommy's 10 year high school reunion

Mary and Ella...Perry hanging out in the stroller

Mommy and Leah

Ella wanted to swing at the park


Perry sleeping on Krissy...Ella sleeping on Daddy


September 3

Look who can pull herself up to kneeling now


Second trip to the Zoo

Bears waiting for food

Ella and Daddy watching the bears


Silly bear scratching his back on the rocks

Polar bear...Grandpa and Perry trying to see the bears

Bald eagle and Toucan

Perry riding in the stroller

Mommy and Ella by the gazelles


Great Granny pushing Perry in the stroller...Mommy and Ella checking out a birdie


Camel and Leopard

Ella sleeping in the stroller...Perry wide awake still

Perry with Grandma & Grandpa in the monkey house


Alligator and Turtle


September 4

Perry and Mommy being silly


September 5

Happy 10 month birthday Perry & Ella!



Ella's typing a very important memo about TPS reports...didn't you get it?


September 7

Perry's starting to get mobile


She rolled all the way off the blanket (in the background) to where she is now


September 16

At the RSC for our first swim class

(Perry obviously doesn't know the rule about not eating for 30 minutes before swimming)


September 17

At the baseball game with one of Mommy's friends from her buddy group...Jenny, Drew, and Shawn

(the game got cancelled because of the rain)


September 22

Ella waiting patiently for Mommy to come back from the kitchen


September 23


Had to buy some new sleepers for this chilly weather


*We also had our 2nd swim lesson today.  Both girls went underwater...neither of them liked it.*


September 23

When good girls go bad


We made another trip to Pensacola Beach

September 29-October 5


September 28

On the car ride down...that flash is pretty blinding in the dark


September 30

View of the ocean from the front of the townhouse

View of the pool, tennis court, and sound from the back of the townhouse

I guess it's okay to be messy on vacation, right?

Perry didn't like to put her tootsies in the sand...reminds me of someone I know

Picture with the sunset...Grandma & Grandpa visited for a day

Waitin' for the sunset

What are we doing?  Can we go back inside now?


Daddy, Perry, and the moon...Ella eating a water bottle

View of the townhouse from the beach...the sunset


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