April 1

Happy April Fools Day!

Go Cardinals!


New pictures of Ella's room

We moved her crib in, hung up her quilt, hung some flowers on the wall, hung the Sweet Dreams sign, and put her name letters on one of the shelves


April 3

A little bit of mischief...P&E decided to pull all the wipes out of the wipe container

(Forgetful Mommy left it on the floor so I guess it's not ALL their fault)


Playing with Riesy, our favorite doggie

Perry learned to fling her headband across the room

This is what happens when we hear the garage door open and Daddy gets home...

what a wonderful welcome home committee!


Ella's first haircut!

Her bangs hung in her eyes and she won't leave a barrette or clip in, so...







Only cut a little bit, but it made a big difference!


April 5

Perry and Ella are 17 months old!


April 6

Trip to see the Easter Bunny


April 8

Perry found an egg and is patiently waiting for her sister to finish her bottle so they can hunt eggs together


Ella's got her bucket and is ready to hunt

Ella found one!


Perry found another!

Ella thinks the eggs are tasty...and she stole Perry's bucket


Found another one...."Mmmm, yummy!"


"I got one too, but I can't get it out!"


"Man, we are good at this egg hunting thing"

"I can even find them while I drink my bottle"


Ella putting her egg in the bucket...Perry decided to play with her shape sorter bucket

Gifts from the Easter Bunny

Attack of the babies!


"There are Puffs in here!"


"Oh, read the card first?!?!"

So much stuff!

Crayons, cups, pants, bubbles!

"Can I eat this pull toy?"..."Check out my new barrettes Daddy!"

Perry is curious about the Ariel bubble blower


Ella likes the bubbles

Perry is not so sure about them

"I do not like these weird bubble things"

"Well, maybe if Ella likes them"

I think Perry was sad that she couldn't grab onto them


And some pics of our "new" office

This is the dining room, but the office used to have an opening like that

Now it looks like this

Still needs a few finishing touches, but looks pretty good

View as you walk in the front door

(Office to the left, dining room to the right)


April 14

Using Grandpa as a barcalounger


April 15

Perry likes to wear her credit card on her head


April 18

We knew they were too quiet in their room...



They turned over the hamper in the closet


April 22

Dinner time!

Notice Riesy hanging out by Ella

"Hurry up with the food, we're hungry!"



April 26

First Cardinals game of the season...a winner!

Perry & Mommy...Ella & Daddy

Family pic (with Junior!)


Perry & Ella, sporting their cute Cardinals shirts from the Tobins


Trouble makers

Perry popping a squat on the ground

"Pick me up Mommy!"


April 28

March of Dimes WalkAmerica


Perry riding solo in the wagon


Perry getting a lift from Daddy...Ella walking with Grandma R.

Perry with Uncle Andrew and Ella with Grandma R.

Both in the wagon for once!


Grandma B. pulling the wagon

More walker shots


Noah and Mommy Lisa

Ella taking a pit-stop on the bridge

Perry says "Why are we always waiting on Ella?"

Our group of walkers:

Lisa and Noah, Grandpa R., Andrew, Jess, JJ, Julio, Angela, John, Grandma R. with Perry, Grandpa B., Grandma B. with Ella, Daddy, Mommy

THANKS to everyone for coming!


Ella drinking some ba ba on the walk

Family pic


April 29

Trying to get passport pictures...

Of course Perry takes the good pictures when she's not in front of the door (it has to be a white background)

Luckily some of Mommy's online friends can photoshop the background for us

We got Ella in like 4 shots...she's a good "model"

And some pictures in the backyard...









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