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August 2

Happy 3 month birthday Luca!


August 5

Happy 21 month birthday Perry & Ella!


August 9

Luca's 3 month pictures at Kiddie Kandids



Such a ham!!!


August 10

Catching some Z's in the swing


August 12

Luca's baptism


Decorations and cakes
(Mommy made a special gluten-free one)

Luca and his godmother, Aunt Angela

During the ceremony


Ella and Perry with the grandmas

Luca getting the sign of the cross...right before the "immersion"

Such a good cries at all!

Different angle

Getting some oils

A quick posed picture during the ceremony

Daddy giving Uncle Andrew the baptism candle

Perry, Grandpa, and Grandma Bast telling Luca congratulations

Aunt Angela and Uncle Andrew

Ella, Grandma, and Grandpa Rogan

Luca's "fans"...thanks for coming!!!


Mommy, Daddy, & Luca...Luca standing up in his little suit

Bast family

Rogan family

Parents and Godparents


Our little family
(maybe not so little)

Luca sleeping through his party

Good times!


*Ceremony pictures taken by Uncle Julio and Grandpa John


August 13

Perry & Ella being very well-behaved during dinner


August 15

Perry's bringing back the 80s with her "bangle bracelets"


August 16

Luca trying to roll over

(He actually did it for the first time, but we didn't get pictures of it)

Luca close ups


August 17


What swaddle?


August 18

Luca is such a big boy!


Standing up by the couch

Sitting up against the couch

Trying to sit

Going down our new slide


Perry & Ella eating lunch


August 19


"Cover me up Mom, I want to run for President one day"

Lovin' bathtime!


Luca in his hand-me-down PJs from his sisters

Must be magic PJs...he slept almost 12 hours!!!


August 25

Trip to The Mills with Daddy

Checking out the fishies at Cabela's

Had to play in the big playground because the little one is under construction

Ella on the run...Perry taking a break

Climbing and exploring

Looks like they're in baby jail!

Perry thinks the ramp is a slide


On the stepping stool things



Luca modeling one of his new outfits

Can he BE any cuter?

Attracts the ladies every time

I wear my sunglasses inside, so I can, so I can

P&E tried on some of their new outfits, but they were entranced by Handy Manny

They look like little skater girls with those hoodies

Luca's in charge of the remote


August 26

Grandpa Rogan's birthday lunch

Everyone gather 'round for a sing-a-long with Uncle Andrew

Ella in motion!

Does Uncle Julio know we are touching his guitar?

Luca taking a nap with Grandpa

Perry napping in the car on the way home...and you can kind of see Luca napping in the reflection of the mirror


Such a sweet face


August 28

Playdate with Addison and Lucas

Perry getting some air...she loves to jump!

The girls hanging out on the couch

Ella smoochin' on Luca AND Lucas

Lucas is 3 weeks older, but I think Luca is bigger!

Lucas thinks I'm funny but my own son does not

The girls playing with balloons


August 31

Trip to the park

Ella on the slide

Cute ponytail girl


Perry climbing UP the slide and crawling through the tunnel

Ella sitting nicely or pouting???


Perry on the slide


Luca taking a nap

Daddy's artistic shots of Perry coming down the slide


P&E are both good at going UP the slide


Perry in the tunnel again


First Cardinals game at night in a LONG time!

P&E going down the steps to watch the game


Perry likes baseball

Luca and Daddy

Ella refuses to look at the camera


"Mmmm, good fruit!"

Perry and her reflection


About the best shots of their shirts as we could get


Blowing bubbles with Great Grandma Betty

They kept trying to pick up the bubbles


Luca taking a nap with Mrs. Chamberlain

Stadium at night


Perry playing some thrilling games of plates and cups

More bubbles with Daddy

Look how long Ella's hair is getting!


Mommy and Luca
(Ella was too cranky for a family picture)


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