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August 25th...can you see the line?

August 26th

August 27th...getting darker!


September 18

Saw the heartbeat (129)

Measuring 6 mm...due date May 11th.


November 25

Perry & Ella are going to have a little brother!!!

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Here are some ultrasound pictures

Profile...Waving hi

Stretching out...Nice straight spine

2D and 3D confirmation that he's a BOY!


December 11

Ultrasound at doctor's office...he's still a boy!

He seems to have caught back up to our original due date...May 3rd!

Heart rate was 155

Profile shots...he has the Rogan forehead!

Looking at the camera and waving hi...definitely a boy!


March 6

Appointment today: measuring right on track, blood pressure is normal, and Junior is head down

Go every 2 weeks now!


March 19

Appointment today: blood pressure is still low, weight gain is at about 24 pounds

Belly was measuring 35 weeks (and the doctor is still using the May 11th due date from the very first ultrasound) so this put us ahead about 2.5 weeks

Getting an ultrasound next time to check Junior's growth

And depending on our insurance, we *may* be able to deliver at the new hospital, Progress West, out here in O'Fallon


UPDATE: Not able to deliver at Progress West due to insurance.  Bummer.


April 2nd

Appointment today: ultrasound showed Junior measuring around 34/35 weeks and about 5 1/2 pounds, so he's pretty much right on track

Belly was measuring 34 weeks this time so he must have been laying funny last time

Blood pressure still low, weight gain around 25 pounds

We double checked our insurance with the hospital and we CAN deliver there, so we took a tour of the L&D floor


This is the first time I've ever had trouble making things out in an ultrasound...

I would have thought it would be easier since he's so big?

Face...if you tilt your head to the right, you can see the 2 black spots (eyes) and a bit of his nose and mouth

Nose and lips...again, tilt your head to the right

Foot (stuck in Mommy's ribs)...and the "still a boy" shot (I have NO idea what the heck that is a picture of)


April 17th

Appointment today: 1 cm dilated, belly measuring 37 weeks, weight gain around 30 pounds, blood pressure still low

Start going weekly now


April 24th

Appointment today: 2+ cm dilated/50% effaced, belly still measuring 37 weeks,

weight gain still around 30 pounds, blood pressure up a bit but doc is not concerned


May 1st

Appointment today: 3 cm dilated/50% effaced, belly measuring 36 weeks (not sure how that happened),

weight gain up to about 35 pounds, blood pressure back to normal



Of course we hope he comes on his own before then, but it's nice to have an end date in sight



Bloated at 5 weeks (and yes, the belly button is already out)

9 1/2 weeks

11 1/2 weeks

13 weeks

15 1/2 weeks


For comparison, here is Mommy at 15 1/2 weeks with ONE baby and at 15 weeks with TWO babies

So either this is one BIG baby or Perry & Ella really did a number on Mommy's tummy while they were in there



Going to a Christmas party at 17 weeks

With new due date, this is 21 weeks

23 1/2 weeks

26 weeks


Another is Mommy at 26 weeks with Junior and at 26 weeks with Perry & Ella

Hard to tell, but I think Perry & Ella might have been bigger

29 weeks

32 weeks

34 weeks


Final is Mommy at 34 weeks with Junior and 33 weeks 2 days (the day before delivery) with Perry & Ella

37 weeks

39 weeks




BEFORE pics of Junior's room

We are moving the desk/office downstairs...note the pack n play that Ella sleeps in

4 columns done, 3 to go!

Tape, paint, tape, paint

Looks good!


New pictures of the nursery

We decided the darker blue squares didn't match the bedding very well, so we repainted them turquoise

BEFORE (with darker blue)

AFTER (with turquoise)

With crib and swing in place

Crib and bedding (no mattress yet)

Canvasses on opposite wall (still waiting on one of the backordered fabrics)

The dresser and glider will go on this wall


A bit more nursery progress

Mod clock

Cool curtain rod (those are not the curtains, we just threw the quilt up there)


Another new addition to the room...very cool light fixture


Just about done...

Big circles added to the squares

Small circles added around the top of the remaining 3 walls

New changing table...Canvasses are finally complete


Added a shelf above the changing table


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