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December 1

EY holiday party


Mommy and Daddy all dressed up


December 2

Luca is 7 months old!


December 5

Perry and Ella are 25 months old!


December 6

Luca got a haircut this morning...doesn't he look sharp?

Being silly before swim class


Daddy came to swim class today

He loves the back float

Handsome blue eyed guys

This picture makes me laugh...not sure why

Daddy is funny!


Daddy is holding his breath FOR Luca
(Luca is really good with going underwater)


December 13

Hanging out in our hoodies before Luca's swim class


Perry is very engrossed in The Doodlebops


Ella now makes funny faces when you ask her to look at the camera


Still watchin' TV

Now Ella's into it too


Someone is mobile!

Luca sleeping...isn't he sweet?

And this is how I found him when he woke up

(He rolled over, turned around, and pulled the blanket down off the back of the crib)


December 14

"I rock this pink blanket"

The many expressions of Luca

Ella flying (or "sy" as she calls it)

So cute

Perry flying
(Pretty risky to fly a toddler over you who just threw up 4 times the night before)

Silly girl


Did I get anywhere?

Squat, thrust, repeat

Ella is very concerned about the passengers on the Polar Express
(We don't really watch this much just seems to be the easiest time to get the camera out)

Perry is equally concerned


December 15

First SNOW of the season!


Getting dressed to go outside

Luca's viewing area

"I want to go outside NOW"

Ella's checking it out

Perry doesn't like the falling snow in her face

Snowballs with Daddy


Little Snow Bunny

Luca on the inside

Building a snowman

Perry patting the snowman

Ella, Mommy, Perry, and the snowman

The swingset is useful all year long

Getting all the snow off the fort



"I'm stuck!"


December 16

Bast Christmas


P&E in their cute candy cane jumpers


Being silly

Sitting with Daddy

Perry needs a water break

Luca is SO happy!

Ella was our gift unwrapper...and she even threw all the paper in the bag too!

Perry wants to play with one of Luca's gifts

Perry is Moe from The Doodlebops


Ella, Grandma, and Luca playing the DeeDee Doodle keytar

Luca likes the pink keytar...playing with Grandma and Grandpa


December 18

Mommy and Luca's last swim class


P&E's PDO Lunch

All the kiddos...can you find P&E?

Eating lunch with our friends

Ella eating her cookies
(It was party day)

Perry and her cookies


*Ella was the FIRST kid done with lunch and Perry was the LAST :)


December 20

Stutte Christmas

Ella eating some yogurt from Daddy

Aunt Angela and Luca

Waiting for Santa to call our names for presents

Perry getting her present and NOT happy to sit with Santa

Ella getting her present and also NOT happy to sit with Santa


Luca checking Santa out...these bells are pretty cool!

Luca's shirt says "Santa Baby"


Ella opening presents


Cups provided lots of entertainment for the evening...who knew?

Ba Ba break

Perry was very brave all night, exploring on her own

Ella and a little friend

Buckets...the new cup

Luca and Great Uncle Chris

Luca helping Aunt Angela play a game
(Ella actually rolled the wining roll for Daddy...$51!)

Cups and is good!

Perry poured candies back and forth between those cups for a good half hour


December 21

Visit from "auntie" Mary and "uncle" Bryan

Mary and Luca


Luca using Bryan as a jumper

Perry playing with her bead coaster

Ella wrestling with Mary...and sharing her juice box holder with Bryan


December 23


Mommy and Luca

Who needs mistletoe?


Daddy and Luca


So handsome



Perry with one tap shoe on...she's quite the dancer!

Ella loved opening and closing the bathroom door

Who had green cookie??

Messy girls!

What is it?

Ella knows what it is!!

We LOVE to jump!

Opening presents

Ella opened her presents...along with Perry's, Luca's, Grandma's, Grandpa's, Mommy's, and Daddy's

Perry opened a few...literally

Luca with Great Aunt Carole and cousin Emily

Luca and Great Uncle Greg

Nice family pics, eh?

At least Luca will sit with us

Aw mom, you're embarrassing me

Luca likes the trampoline too

Grandpa and Luca


December 24


Playing with Jack and Drew's train table

Luca and Grandpa...and Great Uncle John


The best full shots of their outfits

We like playing pretend with Jack and Drew!


Silly girls

Luca is a fireman too

Perry likes the model trains

Trying to blow the whistle


Daddy and Luca in their matching sweaters

Mommy kind of matches too

Fireman Ella


Ella playing with cousin Jason and Perry playing by herself

Curious Ella and Curious Perry


Putting out milk and cookies for Santa
(kind of reminds you of last year's Christmas card, huh?)


The train table that Santa brought


Ball pit from Santa...and presents under the tree


December 25


Our Little People Christmas Village


Luca and Perry waiting patiently for...

...sleepyhead to wake up


Checkin' out the ball pit

Perry is in LOVE with the ball pit

Ella's first of MANY gifts for the day

Oooh, a train table!

Ella is helping herself to the presents

"Look at all my stuff Mom!"

The doctor is IN

Luca is excited to have his very own new toys

Anyone want to play 300 pick up?

Riesy is eyeing those pancakes


This might be the only gift Perry opened


Perfect...she loves books


Luca and Ella in the Elmo construction hat


Luca likes his truck

He's so smoochable

Riesy got some new toys too

Ella is dancing to some Christmas music, while she eats grapes

There's that Christmas spirit...grape sharing

Perry is more interested in her trains

How to Eat Grapes, by Ella Rogan


Pear Pear and the trains

Such an angel...maybe she thought you only have to be good on Christmas?

Ella is opening Grandpa John's gift


Perry demonstrating her trampoline skills

Opening presents

Perry and Luca in the ball pit


Ella and Great Grandma Teppie stacking blocks

Luca likes the ball pit and the trampoline

Daddy told Ella to put the camera by the tree


December 26


Hangin' out in Luca's crib...literally

"Uh, do you guys mind?"

Maybe Perry and Ella need turtles in their cribs too?


Trying on our new ballet outfits

Ella being graceful

Perry's got some good moves

"Don't even think about putting me in one of those outfits Mom"


December 27

A little late, but a visit to Santa's Kingdom in Eureka

"Ooooh, ahhhh"


December 29

Hangin' out in the girls' room

Luca is a STAR!

A little early for Mardi Gras


December 30


Luca sitting on the bench playing with his blocks

And throwing them off


Perry with her Potato Head teeth in


December 31


Delayed Christmas with the Rogans


Aunt Angela and Luca spending some quality time together

Not too shabby for a self-timer picture


Opening presents

It's a 1 to 1 adult/kid ratio

Perry and Ella wanted to put on their new pajamas (over their clothes)

Playing with our new toys


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