February 2

Happy Groundhog's Day!

Spring is coming!


February 4

15 month pictures at Portrait Innovations





Daddy took some pics while we were "watching" the Super Bowl

Perry close ups

Ella and her bottle

"Hi Dad!"


Ella and the monkey

Perry is oblivious to the game behind her

Perry and Mommy


Cute close ups

"Ta da"..."Whatchu talkin' bout Mom?"

Silly sisters

Playin' around

Ella loves Lily

Someone has a bad case of static-head

Perry wants that phone!

Poor Ella had to get a different phone

"Can you hear me now?"


"How about now?"

"Can you hear us now?"


February 5

Happy 15 month birthday Perry & Ella!


February 7

15 month appointment today

Perry is 21 pounds 12 ounces (25-50th percentile) and 30.25 inches (50th percentile)
Ella is 21 pounds1 ounce (25th percentile) and 30.5 inches (50-75th percentile)

Splish splash, we're taking a bath!


Ella playing with the washcloth

Ella eating some shampoo

Perry's turn to play with the shampoo bottle

"Hi ducky!"

How many times can we switch places in the tub?

Soapy heads!


February 10

Working on Junior's nursery

Taping off the squares with our 2 little helpers

SO helpful!

Couldn't resist some Perry close ups

One of our helpers had to go down for a nap so the monkey took over

Perry helping Daddy...and having some monkey time

Look at those eyelashes!


February 11

More work on the nursery

Perry and her bear

Our vagabond jammies...needless to say, we ordered new ones today


"We're going to go play in our room"

Some Ella close ups

"Who needs some paper towels?"



Ella sitting on the couch watching TV

Someone needs a new conditioner with all that static!

Perry & Mommy being silly

Upside down Bear

Daddy and the girls playing on the couch


February 14

Happy Valentine's Day!



February 15

Ella's first pigtails...they didn't last long though, she pulled them right out

Playing around with Daddy

Perry's ponytail

Ella's "Pebbles look"


February 17



February 18

Our "big girl" outfits

"Of course we won't stand still and look at the camera, Mom"


Shy Ella...Hambone Ella

"Ok, we'll smile for the camera, but only while we're sitting down"

Speaking of ham

"Here's your lens cap Mom"


February 20

This is how Ella came walking over to me...apparently the new look for Spring is to wear your purse on your head

(She kind of reminds me of Cousin Eddie from Christmas Vacation)

Perry says, "Something's not right here".


February 22

Last day of gymnastics class

Ella LOVES the springboard...walking around with Daddy

Perry thinks the baby is very exciting!

P&E by the mats

Ella crawling around

Perry brought her shoes onto the mat for some gymnastics time

Perry doing a log roll with Daddy

Ella got her shoes too (monkey see, monkey do)

Ella walking around with her shoes

All our friends from class


Keeping Daddy busy!


Perry's turn on the springboard

Ella wants another turn!!!


February 24

Playing in our tunnel


And with our new ball


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