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January 5

Perry & Ella are 14 months old!


January 7

Some pictures of the girls' "new" toddler room

New bookshelf and Ella's bed (that she doesn't sleep in)...Perry's bed

When Junior arrives we will move the changing table to his room and we have a little table and chairs set to put in its place


Close up of the new bookshelf...closet was rearranged now that all those books and stuffed animals aren't in there anymore


January 17

Mommy's 29th birthday!


January 20

Mommy's birthday dinner at Casa

Ella kept lifting her shirt up to play peek a boo, but we had the SLOW Canon camera with us and couldn't catch it in time


January 23

Mommy & Daddy's 10 year anniversary (of when they met)

What a difference 10 years makes!


January 24

Eating breakfast and watching cartoons



Cheerios are YUMMY!


Ella's looking kind of rough this morning

Perry walks all over now!


Stopping to watch (and dance to) The Backyardigans

"Whatcha doin' Mom?"

Ella and her push toy


Someone's got a chapped nose


Perry's working on her juggling act


Grandma and Grandpa Rogan babysat and took some pictures

Smiley babies!




Grandpa with the girls


Perry (with some unfortunate red eye)

More smiley babies!


January 25

Inchworm gymnastics class at the YMCA

Ella, Perry, and Mommy hangin' out before class starts

Ella crawling around

Perry and Grandma playing on one of the mats

Perry walking and clapping like the teacher

Perry climbing up on one of the mats

Ella waiting her turn

Ella taking a tumble...good landing!

"No more close ups Mommy"

Now Ella's got this walking thing down!

Perry is such a ham!

"I really like this mat!"


January 28

Pizza for lunch!

That's one messy face you got there kiddo!


Ella likes her pizza!


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