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July 1

Lunch at Olive Garden for Daddy's birthday

Notice the PINK candle!

Perry and Ella having some restaurant fun


July 2

Happy 2 month birthday to Luca!


Perry with a Pebbles ponytail

Ella with pigtails

Both girls

(they actually left them in this time...used new ponytail holders)


Luca's 2 month appointment today

Weight: 12 pounds 13 ounces (75th percentile)
Length: 23.75 inches (75th percentile)
Head circumference: 15.5 inches (25-50th percentile)


July 4

 Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket    Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Ella smoochin' on Luca


We went to the Cardinals game tonight but forgot our camera, so no pics of Luca's first game

but here are some pics at home...


It was late and hard to get a good picture of everyone. 

Mommy and Luca

Luca's shirt says "Mommy's Little Sparkler!"


More Ella and Luca love

Mommy and her trio

Perry is ready for bed!


July 5

Happy 20 month birthday to Perry & Ella!


July 8

2nd photo session with Luca


July 10

Pigtail girls

Ella with her purple bows



Perry with her yellow bows


Luca on the activity mat (while his sisters were sleeping so they didn't trample him)


July 23

Ella and Luca

Our little mommy-in-training...Luca says "no thanks, I don't want any"

Hmmm, where did she learn that Luca wears his burp rag on his head?  Maybe that's how Daddy does it?

Stir it up and feed the baby...I think Mommy is getting the evil eye for letting Ella do this to him

Perry likes to feed herself

"You talkin' to me?"


"Mmmm, handies taste good!"



A photo essay of how Ella takes her hair do-dads out

And she tries to take her sister's out too


Pretty Pear Bear

Looking around to see if anyone is watching

"Hmmm, I can open these cabinets just a bit"

"Uh oh"...busted!


Tantrum!  But isn't she cute?


Silly girl


"Hey Mom, the couch is eating my head!"

Ella loves putting headbands on everyone's feet...notice Pablo has them on his too


July 25

Great Granny and Luca catching some Z's in the glider


July 28-August 4


On the plane to Dallas at 6 AM

Watching some Backyardigans



Running around the Dallas airport

Everyone sleeping on the plane to Nassau

Mommy and Luca sleeping once we got to the resort

Everyone sleeping in their "jail" beds

Looking at the turtles and fishies in one of the lagoons

Having fun in the pool


Luca under the umbrella, with the fan on, and naked

The $25K/night room (with a 4 night minimum)

Daddy, Mommy, Grandma Kim, Grandma Teppie, Ella, Perry, and Luca in front of the Royal Towers

Giant Manta Ray in the aquarium

Mommy and Luca with the Royal Towers

Family picture in front of P&E's favorite fountain

The kiddos in front of the marina

Perry, Luca, and Ella

Ella and Luca have such a loving relationship



Ella dancing

At the Cove for breakfast

Checking out the fishies again

Daddy, Mommy, Ella, Perry

Mommy and Luca


On the ferry to Nassau

The Royal Towers and Harborside

Hard Rock Cafe

Luca in his "highchair"

Drinking some water on the ferry



Mommy and Daddy on their "date night"

In the big chair by the casino

In front of a fountain again


Perry and Ella in their cute dresses


We love the fountain!


Last day at the pool

In the Nassau airport

Ella sleeping and Perry being a ham on the plane from Dallas to St. Louis


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