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June 2

Happy 1 month birthday Luca!


June 5

Happy 19 month birthday Perry & Ella!


Playdate with Jess, Nick, and Alex at The Mills

Ella and Nick

Perry and Nick

(I think Alex was taking a bottle break at this time, so Nick was getting all the action with the girls)


June 6

Ella's crown of bugs


June 8

Going for a walk


The girls in the wagon and Luca in the Bjorn


In the backyard

Little thieves...they stole a frisbee and 2 soccer balls from the neighbors

Playing with the balls and frisbee


Ella wants to be on Riesy's leash...Perry with the soccer ball

Perry sporting her Hard Rock t-shirt from Great Aunt Judy


3 guesses as to what Ella's doing...and she ain't admiring the tree


June 9

Playing in the sprinkler

Ella likes it!..."C'mon Perry, it's fun!"

"It's cold, but we like it!"


Perry loves it!

So fun!


Perry wouldn't move!

Ella doesn't want to get tan lines on her shoulders


Swingin' in our swimsuits

"C'mon grandpa, get in the water with us!"

Close ups of Perry

Riesy got to come outside too

Ella in the water...check out those curly q's!

"I'll take you for a walk doggie"

Playing with daddy and grandpa


Co-ed swimsuit golfing


June 12

Luca's first time in the Bumbo

BIG smile!


Of course P&E had to get in the Bumbo too


June 15

Luca's passport photo session

First picture I took...such a smiley boy!


My future cheerleader...





This is the pic we used for his passport

(It's good for 5 years...think he'll still look like that when he's 5?!?)


June 17


Breakfast in bed with Daddy

Ella patting Luca...Perry being shy


First trip to the pool this year

We're big enough to stand in the baby pool!

Perry hates getting water dumped over her head in the bathtub, but she liked doing it to herself in the pool

Ella playing with the ring that would later be chucked at Perry's head by a mischievous 3 year old


With Daddy and Mommy

*Luca was with us (in the shade) but we forgot to take his time!


June 22

Another trip to the pool

Poor Luca is in the sun because the ONE umbrella at our pool was taken


Finally got the umbrella and the clouds came out

Luca chillin' in the stroller

We LOVE the pool!

These kids were very intrigued by Perry & Ella, their toys, and their goldfish crackers


Mommy and Luca hanging out by the pool


Sissy helping Luca get his toes wet


Perry and Ella in their new pink and green coordinating swimsuits


June 23

Luca's finally moving to his own room...sniff sniff

"Don't worry about me Mom, I like my new digs"

Hangin' out with Mr. Bear in his big sisters' room


June 26

So much going on in this picture...

First, P&E LOVE their new bear backpacks and wear them all the time

Second, Perry climbed into the grocery cart all by herself

Ella pushing her sister around


Silly girl


P&E holding Luca for the first time

Perry and Luca

(she's not *real* interested in actually holding him, as you can see)


Ella *loves* holding Luca!

(she's our little Mommy...helps with his bottle, burping him, getting his burp rag and blanket)


June 27

Our Chinatown PJs from Grandma Kim & Grandpa John



June 28

Happy Birthday Daddy!


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