Welcome to the world baby boy!


Birth Story - May 2nd

*Felt first contraction around 1:15 PM on the way to pick up Luca’s curtains.
Had another one while getting the curtains, around 1:30 PM.

*Experienced a few more contractions in the car, at Old Navy, JCPenney’s, and Target (I was running errands).

*Called Dave around 3 PM to let him know I was having painful contractions and to answer the phone if I called back.

*A few more contractions between 3 and 4:30 PM but I wasn’t timing them,
however, they got painful enough that I called Dave at 4:30 PM to tell him to come home.

*I got the girls up from their naps and started timing the contractions, they were every 3-5 minutes.
Started packing the rest of the hospital bag and got the girls dressed to go to the hospital.

*Dave got home around 5:30 PM and changed clothes. We packed up some food and snacks for the girls and headed to the hospital.
Contractions were still coming every 5 minutes. Called our parents on the way there to let them know what was going on.

*Arrived at the hospital at 6 PM in the ER and was wheeled up to L&D.
Went to triage first, but they put us in an L&D room right away. Was already dilated to 5 cm.

*IV was started around 6:30 PM, had to receive a bag of fluids before starting the epidural.

*Epidural process was started around 7:30 PM. Unfortunately, the doctor kept hitting nerves in my legs
and it took 5-6 times to get it in right. Experienced extremely painful contractions throughout this ordeal.

*Dr. Kuebel arrived at 9 PM and I was dilated to 10 cm. 
He broke my water and I started pushing. Baby was face up which made it a bit harder.

*Luca Matthew was born at 9:56 PM, weighing 7 pounds 5 ounces, and 19 Ľ inches long.


May 2

With Mommy

So tired

With Mommy and Daddy

Getting cleaned off and getting some vitals

7 pounds 4.9 ounces!

Trying to open those eyes

"Here I am!"

More vitals


Dr. Kuebel (Mommy's doctor)

Ella meeting Luca for the first time

Perry and Luca...visitors

With the grandpas

A Perry and Ella sandwich


May 3


In his bassinet...with Mommy

Lookin' an awful lot like Daddy


Little Luca

Lounging with Mommy

Daddy's boy


May 4


Coming home outfit...little caterpillar


With Mommy

On our way home!

Snug as a bug at home


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