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March 1

Hanging out in our room before dinner

Close up of Perry...cuddling with her big bear

"Oh, you said *don't* touch the diaper champ?"

Ella shutting her sister in the closet

Apparently, Perry thinks it's fun to be stuck in the closet

When we like something in this house, we do it over and over and over and over


Sexy babies!

Ella close ups

The start of a modeling career for Ella?

So fun to sit on our toy box by the window!

Poor Perry isn't as good at getting down as Ella is


March 3

Testing out Junior's crib for him

Someone needs a nap!


March 5

Perry and Ella are 16 months old!


March 12

Trip to Queeny Park with Jess, Alex, and Nick


We are pretty good walkers now...only fell once each!


March 14


Thing 1 and Thing 2


Thing 1..."Who me?"


Thing 2 being cheesy


March 17

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Check out Ella's new digs...

This is the guestroom.  We've decided to just make it Ella's room for now.

Pushed the bed against the wall and moved the dresser

   Eventually we'll put Ella's crib in here and hang her quilt on the wall so it feels like "home".



Perry's got an itch...enjoying some milk


Ella likes to drink her milk in her princess chair


March 18

A day late for St. Patrick's Day, but still the cutest leprechauns in the land

Ella thought it was fun to wear the headband, but Perry not so much


Pictures from Grandpa Rogan

Ella and Daddy...Perry and Mommy

Notice Perry's chest

Ella playing with the Little People Zoo set...Perry smiling


March 20

Check out how long Ella's hair is when we wet it down!


And we rearranged Ella's room again...

She was sleeping on the wall that is shared with our bathroom so we thought it would be better to move her


March 24

First time in the wagon

We really did take them for a walk instead of just pushing them around the driveway all day


We also visited the park today


We love to swing!

Walking on the rocks was tough!

"How do we get up here, Dad?"

Ella on the slide

Perry on the slide


Look who can drink her bottle sitting up now!


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