May 1

18 month doctor's appointment today:

Weight: 23 pounds, 2 ounces (25-50th%)
Length: 32.5 inches (50-75th%)
Head: 19 inches (75-90th%)

Weight: 22 pounds, 6 ounces (25th%)
Length: 32.25 inches (50-75th%)
Head: 19.25 inches (90-95th%)

2 shots: DTaP and Hep A

Next appointment at age 2!


May 5

Happy 18 month birthday to Perry & Ella!

Ella & Perry checking out their little brother

Ella loves to come over and pat Luca on the feet...she's very gentle with him


May 7

Perry & Ella being goofy in their brother's hospital hats


Additions to the nursery...Luca's name and curtains

The thinker pose

Content baby pose

Happy baby pose


Our first photo session with Luca




May 8

Luca's first doctor's appointment

Weight: 7 pounds 4.5 ounces (left the hospital at 6 pounds 15 ounces) - 25-50th percentile
Length: 20 inches (not sure if that's too accurate) - 50th percentile
Head circumference: 13.5 inches - 25th percentile


Click here to see Luca's hospital picture

(We told the nurse to fix his hat, but I guess she didn't)


May 12

First outing with all 3 kiddos

Who needs a minivan?

3 kids, 2 strollers, and a partridge in a pear tree



Luca and Mommy...Instructions Not Included onesie


May 13

Happy Mother's Day!


Perry had some bad bed head this morning...and Ella needs her bangs trimmed again

Checking on little brother Luca

So snuggly

Working on the swing set

Perry and Ella trying out the swings

Yay, it's done!


May 14

Mommy and Luca taking a nap together

Luca napping on Daddy

Catching some flies


May 15

Tummy time for Luca!



Ella found the pumpkin hats and loves to wear them

Finally on sippy cups!


May 17

Playing in the backyard





Perry & Ella


May 19

Golf and tee ball in the backyard



Luca catching some Z's


Hanging out with Riesy

Our new canopy...has a mosquito net too


May 22

Luca's first bath





May 25

Rainy day = Trip to the mall playground


Perry says, "Um excuse me, but you're definitely over the 42 inch height limit"


Ella climbing and sliding

Big fishie!

Perry driving backwards...and she picked up a hitch hiker

Ella got her own car

Perry climbing

Doing our own thing


May 27


Perry thinks she's the baby

Now they're fighting over the swing...poor Luca


May 28

Such a strong boy, holding his head up

"Do I have anything in my nose?"

(he's definitely Mommy's kid)


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