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November 2

Luca is 6 months old!


November 3

Perry & Ella's 2nd Birthday Party


Perry in her party dress


Ella in her party dress (minus the shoes)


Luca in his party outfit (minus the socks)



Backyardigans plates!

Watching the magician

Lyndsey and Brady

Dylan...Riley and Lyndsey

Leighton...balloon animals


Ella and Mommy...Perry


P&E with their balloon animals

Not sure what's going on...and definitely not liking the "happy birthday" song


Good thing we practiced blowing out candles the night before

Who needs forks?

Mmmmm, so yummy!

Opening presents

Playing with some of our new toys


Luca playing with the aunts and uncles...and getting a ba ba from Uncle Andrew

Holy presents!


Perry loves Tyrone

Ella opening up some presents


So much stuff!

What's under there?

A kitchen!


Perry's grilling up some flowers while Ella's washing dishes


Luca is a cute little chef, isn't he?


Perry in her chef hat and apron

Great Aunt Melanie is good at opening the twist ties and Great Uncle Chris eating a hot dog bun

Ella taking a little nap in the swing


November 4

Ella is earning her keep around here
(Appropriately enough, her shirt says "Big Sister" and Luca's says "Little Brother")

First fruit...bananas!


November 5

Perry & Ella are 2 years old!

P&E's door decorations for their birthday




Happy Birthday sign and of course, Backyardigans on the TV


Perry liked walking through the streamers

Luca thinks this is funny


Perry opening her Mary Jane Crocs

Ella with her Crocs and Jibbitz from the Grandparents


Ella loved ripping the paper off, but didn't really care what was inside

Perry opening some presents

Luca has this sippy cup thing figured out already

Balloons are way more exciting than presents


We went to Kiddie Kandids for 2 year portraits of the girls



We wanted all 3 of them together, but P&E wouldn't Luca got his own picture


Back home with the "big" present from Mommy and Daddy


It was hard to figure out how to push the pedal and steer at the same time!

Perry wouldn't put her hands on the steering wheel


November 6

Luca's 6 month appointment

19 pounds, 14.5 ounces (75-90th percentile)
27.75 inches (90th percentile)


It's Pablo, Tyrone, and Uniqua!


November 10

Sleeping beauties


November 11

We love bath time!


November 12

A silly fashion show


Ella in her onesie and slipper boots, carrying "B"


Perry in her onesie, a potential Christmas dress, slipper boots, sunglasses, and puka shell bracelet


Jumping boy

Check out that tongue!


More outfits...
Perry in her onesie and slipper boots with sunglasses and Mardi Gras beads as accessories
Ella in another potential Christmas dress and Mardi Gras beads


November 15

Playdate with Lauren and Arianna

Luca and Arianna
(she's 2 months older, but he's bigger!)

They both have the tongue thing figured out

The big girls watching Curious George


November 17

Whittle Shortline Train Station

There were 3 small train tables and a big one

P&E playing with the trains
(Perry likes to wear her sunglasses to keep the paparazzi away)

Perry and the trains


Ella and the trains


Luca with Mommy and Daddy


*Our Nikon broke (2 days before the 1 year warranty was up) so it had to be sent off to be fixed.
Until then, we are using our lesser quality Canon so please forgive the blurry pictures :)


November 21

Thanksgiving at Grandma Teppie's





Luca enjoying his "turkey" dinner

Luca and Great Grandma Teppie

Everyone watching some Backyardigans (of course)


More Luca and Granny time

Finders keepers on the snacktrap, right Mom?

Taking a nap with Grandpa...and hanging out with Grandma


Luca in his cute sweater hoodie
(He was VERY tired at this point...but this serves as proof that he *does* get doesn't happen very often though)


November 22


Dinner at Grandma and Grandpa Rogan's

Luca hanging out with Great Uncle John and Uncle Julio


Perry and the small potato head


Ella being nosy and silly

Self portraits
(She actually took these herself)

Luca and Grandma


Ella playing pinball


November 23

Perry with the potato head glasses and lips on


November 24

Lunch at MickeyD's

Ella LOVES dipping her fries and chicken in ketchup

Perry is more interested in the juice box than the food

Luca using his leg to hold up the bottle

Daddy and Perry

Mommy and Ella


Yay slides!


Perry experimented with some new ways to go down the slide

Ella wants the camera...a future photographer?


Just to show how long Ella's hair is when it's wet/straight
(and yes, she's washing Perry's back)


November 25

The Mills

Ella LOVES baked ziti

Perry loves to run around

Is this all he ever does?


November 26

"Decorating" the Christmas tree

Mommy demonstrated hanging an ornament on the tree
and apparently they thought ALL the ornaments had to go in that spot


Pretty tree!


I have to write this story here b/c I know the blog gets overlooked and this is TOO cute:

Dave and I put the tree and lights up on Sunday, so the girls and I decided to finish decorating it Monday night before dinner.
I grabbed a chair from the kitchen to stand on to put the garland on and Ella promptly went over and grabbed her Little Tikes chair.
She wanted to be just like Mommy and help put the garland on the tree.  She did a fantastic job! 


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