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October 2

Happy 5 month birthday Luca!


October 5

Happy 23 month birthday Perry & Ella!


Luca tried peas today

First bite...What is this?

Whatever it is, it's runny and messy

Yeah, I still don't like it Mom

P&E eating dinner on their new Backyardigans plates

Luca thinks Daddy is funny


A whip cream cone eating essay by Ella

Scoop it up with the spoon

Uh oh the cone fell over, gotta stand it back up

Lick the hand off and finally put the spoon in the mouth


A whip cream cone eating essay by Perry

On the spoon heading towards the mouth


Oops, I think I dropped it!


Movie night in the "tent"

Our "tent"

Mommy and the kiddos
(First time tasting popcorn!)


Everyone loves the movie (Backyardigans)

Party foul!

We love movie night!


October 6

First time to Grant's Farm

On the tram

Mommy's friends that we went with
(Lisa, Lucas, Addison, Bob...Libby, Jack, & Mason)

We love the tram!...Luca getting a ba-ba on the ride

The Ulysses S Grant house...look how close those animals are to us!

Riding the tram on Daddy's lap

Bison and antelope


Checking out the capybara (largest rodent)

Where did the turtle go?

Daddy corralling all 3 kiddos by himself by the camels

Luca catching some Z's

In the "big boy" part of the stroller at lunch...Addison is funny!

Big clydesdale

Does it get any cuter than that?


Check out the sweat heads!

By the stables
(Luca was sleeping)


October 8

Visit to meet cousin Cate

She's MUCH tinier than Luca!


Kristen and Luca...Mommy and Cate

Grandma with Perry and Cate


October 10

Sweet Pea


Luca tried on his Halloween costume
(His sisters will be princesses...get it?  The princesses and the pea!)


October 12

At Grandma & Grandpa Rogans' for Aunt Angela's Birthday

The loudest toys known to mankind

Perry LOVES the poppy ball lawnmower


Luca and Aunt Angela


Ella wants to ride the horsie


Aunt Angela and Uncle Andrew make good horsies!


Grandma and Uncle Andrew being horsies

Sitting boy

Chilly night, had to break out the jackets


P&E had a blast running up and down the hill...Ella and Grandpa peeping at the neighbors

Halloween shirts

Matching shirts with Mommy


Cute hairbows


October 13

Rub a dub dub...3 babes in the tub


October 14

Pictures in the park




We love to swing!

Luca pooped out in the's hard work being so handsome


October 15

Indoor swimming pool


Luca's new trunks


Grandpa dipping Perry in the water

Ella says, "I'm getting out of this cold water"

Brrrr, it's cold Mommy!

Summer 2008 we come!
Synchronized Child Tossing

Luca is snuggly and warm now

Ella drying off with Great Grandma


Perry DID NOT want to get out of the pool...despite her lips being blue


October 20

Mommy's friend Bridget's 30th birthday party

Trying to get a group shot...notice who's not cooperating
(Justin, JJ, Abby, Bridget, Jacob, Stephen)

Luca got loved on all day long...mostly by Mr. and Mrs. Pagan

P&E playing

Perry's new friend JJ...she loves to swing


October 21

Pumpkin Patch

P&E following Mommy around like little ducklings
(Ella is a slow duckling)

Claiming their pumpkins

Ella posing nicely...Perry tackling the pumpkins

In front of the pumpkin pyramid

Luca and Mommy

Perry and her snack trap...Daddy and Ella

Luca is the only one who would wear the pumpkin hat

All 3 got a little pumpkin


Do you believe it was 85 degrees this late in October!?!?


October 22

Today is the 22nd and it's 2 weeks until our 2 daughters turn 2!!


October 24

Perry and Luca's First Haircuts


Luca had some abnormally long hairs on top of his head and behind his ears

Perry had a few stray hairs in her bangs that needed trimmed up


Luca is happy to be a handsome boy!


October 25

Luca can hold his own bottle now!


Hey lady, I'm trying to eat you mind?


October 27

We got a new playhouse thanks to a K-Mart clearance sale!


Checking it out


Ella is decorating with Little People...Perry just relaxing on the chair

Luca can't wait to play in the playhouse

Enjoying a beverage in their new house


October 28

Pictures in the park again








Perry LOVES whip cream!


October 31


Thing 3

Baby blues


Princess Perry


Princess Ella

Little peapod Luca

Daddy and Luca trick or treating

P&E in their "carriage"

First ever suckers...Mommy explaining that we don't eat the wrappers (look at those cute lips around the suckers)

Sleepy pea

Back home, waiting for the trick or treaters


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