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September 2

Happy 4 month birthday Luca!


Trip to the Fair and Air Show

Perry and Ella eating in the stroller


Luca having a bottle and burp

Our 5 minutes in Kiddie Land before Mommy freaked out about the dirt

Mommy and Ella getting ready to ride the doggie ride



Perry was sad she had to wait her turn so the attendant let her ride too

Waiting for the ride to start



Perry and Mommy on the carousel

Luca only rode 1 ride...the stroller

Ella on the blue zebra

She changed her mind...she wanted to ride the orange zebra instead

Perry is not a good turn-taker, she was very upset

Luca still sleeping

Daddy and the girls on the teacups

We don't need no stinkin' poles!


Mmmm, ice cream!

Luca is finally awake!

Such big girls...walking holding Mommy's hands
(You can see the dirt/dust flying around...ick!)


September 3

Baseball game

Got some family pics before everyone got cranky this time

Perry and Luca sleeping on the way home

Ella NOT sleeping on the way home


September 4


Cute little backpacks


Guess they're ready to go


Perry and Daddy...Ella


"Alright, see ya Mom and Dad"

Mommy talking to the teacher while P&E check out all the new toys
(see the kids on the chairs in the background...they were crying the entire time we were there!)


September 5

Happy 22 month birthday Perry & Ella!


September 6

Luca's 4 month appointment today:

17 pounds 6 ounces - 90-95th percentile
26 3/4 inches - 95th percentile

Not sure if I mentioned it on here or not, but the blog was updated a couple weeks ago about the kids' celiac testing.
Perry & Ella are both negative (yay!) and Luca will be tested at 1 year.

Luca's first cereal experience

Mommy feels the need to open and close her mouth too

This is NOT ba ba!

Silly parents, trying to feed me cereal

Such a cute eatin' boy

I still don't know about this stuff Mom


First time in the exersaucer too

P&E say "Hey, we remember this toy!"

Looks like he's getting attacked by the green dragon

P&E were good big sisters and showed Luca how all the things on the exersaucer worked


Remember P&E's feet just dangling in here?  Well, Luca can already touch the ground!  He's a tall boy!


September 12

Trying on some of Luca's fall clothes to make sure they still fit


Don't get too excited ladies, I'm already taken (by Mommy)


Is he supermodel material or what?


He can work the hat both ways


September 13

Had to trim Ella's bangs again...hopefully the last time

P&E eating breakfast, watching some 'toons

Luca in his bouncy seat...I see you Mommy!


September 19

Luca is sitting!

Playing with big sister Ella

Yeah I can sit, so what?

Such a cute sitting boy!

Ok, I'm done sitting now...aren't I cute laying down too?

Someone is cranky and ready for B-E-D!

Perry playing with the Learning Table...I guess she's trying to sit on the bowl??

Ella playing with Daddy


September 21

Daddy and Luca before the Cardinals game

What a ham!

Perry and Drew


Perry drinking some water and hanging out with Grandpa

Ella and Drew getting into trouble with the phone


Watching the game


Ella and Drew being silly with the glass doors

Drew sharing his Puffs with P&E

Mommy and Ella watching the game

Drew eating his ice cream bar

P&E had to share a bar, so this is each of them when the DON'T have the ice cream

Perry WITH the ice cream

P&E and Morgan
(yeah, P&E's big toes are sticking out of their PJs)

All the kiddos

Shawn, Drew, Jenny (Mommy's friends from IN), Luca, Mommy, Perry, Daddy, & Ella

Aw mom, quit it, you're embarrassing me


September 22

Trip to the Zoo

Drew, Jenny, Ella, Daddy, and Perry on the carousel

Ella and Perry close ups

Checking out the chimps and orangutans

Perry is not impressed...those chimps came right up to see Drew!

Ella says "Look Daddy!"

Chimpanzee eating his lunch...Big orangutan!

Luca so happy in his stroller

Checking out the prairie dogs and dancing to the German polka music (for Octoberfest)

Watching the sea lions

Luca catching some Z's

Baby elephant

Daddy and Luca in front of the elephant exhibit (no elephant though)


Perry in the butterfly house


Pretty butterfly

Ella in the butterfly house

All 3 kiddos...Ella was NOT happy about a butterfly getting close to her


Perry trying to catch a butterfly

Drew and Jenny with 2 butterflies

Ella and Drew sharing some special moments in the butterfly house


P&E with some pretty flowers

Luca catching some more Z's while we wait for the train

Drew and Ella...a budding romance

Perry did not want her picture taken

All aboard the choo-choo train!

Everyone was tired, so Luca drove us home
(not really)


Perry fell asleep before we backed out of our parking spot and Ella fell asleep soon after
(everyone was naked b/c they were hot and sweaty)


September 29

Chicks Dig Me

Almost looks like Luca is standing there with them, doesn't it?  Won't be long!

Grandma Teppie and Luca

Ella loves her Snack Trap

Pretty Pear Bear


Some outside shots

Ella Bella



Sweet Luca


Aunt Carole stopped by

No, we don't throw the rocks girls


Perry jumping and Ella squatting (to pick up more rocks)


Ella and Grandpa in the media room

Perry wants to watch Spider Man

Ella being silly during lunch


Trying to figure out the windows

Coolers on wheels make fun toys!

Luca's catching some Z's as usual

Mommy's cousin Zach and his girlfriend before Homecoming



Little pianists


Lily's trying to get Ella...Luca and cousin Courtney

Watch your 95th percentile head doesn't get stuck in there Ella
(It later did...because of her pigtails)

Luca is telling Courtney a very funny story
Maybe it's the "I caught a fish THIS BIG" story


Matching Jammies

Could you put your toothbrushes down?


Silly kids


September 30


Luca in the jumper


Stutte Picnic

Some celebrities showed up

Being silly with Grandpa

Social butterflies

Luca having some ba ba

Ella helping her sister up the hill

Playing on the "horses"


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