April 6

Bast "Easter" at the ballgame

Anna and Remi...Jake, Nathan, and Christian

Arista, Ella, and Perry

Perry watching Jake and Nathan eat cotton candy


Luca being cute and playing with Grandma and Grandpa


Playing under a stool

Having a ba ba

Mmmm, cheesecake!


April 10

Funny hair pics after a nap

Ella looking a little Shirley Temple-ish
(and you can see her boo boo on her right cheek)

Luca looking cute as always

Perry's still tired but you can see the curls sticking up on the side


April 11

Looking out the window

Priceless, isn't it?


April 14

Monkey Joe's

Of course we do the biggest slide first






Perry LOVES the thrills!


Lukey in the "baby" bouncer


P&E like the little slide as well

Luca trying to crawl around on this crazy uneven surface

P&E being silly

Our 2nd favorite slide

It shoots us right off the edge

And we love it!

Perry is such a stunt devil

One more time in the little bouncer

Such fun!


April 21

Our new deck


Perry and Ella enjoying a snack at their new picnic table

Ella being a cheese while she's eating cheese (and pretzels)

Hard to smile and chew at the same time


April 26

March of Dimes March for Babies

They estimated 10,000 people to be there!

Luca sporting Grandpa John's hat

Perry and Daddy before the walk started...Ella walking

Luca getting pulled by Grandma Kim and Great Grandma Teppie to avoid the sun


Mommy and Perry


Our shirts from the last 2 years..."I walked for Perry and Ella" and "I back Perry & Ella"


Perry getting piggy backed by Mommy and Daddy


Pit stop to check out the dinosaur

Going going, gone

Perry and Ella finally walking

Our group
Back Row: Great Grandma Teppie, Grandpa John, Grandma Kim, Great Aunt JJ, Uncle Julio, Great Uncle John, Aunt Angela,
Grandpa Steve, Grandma Deb, Ella, Drew, Great Uncle Marvin, Kristen, Cate, Jack, Tim
Front Row: Luca, Mommy, Daddy, Perry, Great Aunt Margaret

Luca getting grandpa's glasses

Perry being silly after the walk

Eating lunch

Ella's turn to be silly


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