August 2

Fun with sprinklers


Luca in his surfer gear

Perry on the slide (modeling one of our hand me down bikinis from Riley)

Ella modeling the other one (nice outie, eh?)

Luca on the slide


Air Luca

Perry playing with the water table

Who needs a waterpark?

Lunch break



Apparently they can't read their names, but they're still cute nonetheless!

Why don't they ever make dinner for us?


Attempt #1 at "big girl beds"...not a success


August 3

Took the MetroLink to the Cards game

Waitin' for an eastbound train
(Didn't get any pics while we were on it b/c it was so crowded)


August 6

Perry, Ella, and I went to the Magic House with Kelly and Jakob

Magic sand and mirrors


They loved putting the tennis balls in this maze


Water play...complete with aprons!

Doing some work at the Electric Company

Releasing our fishies

Following them back to the pond


Getting library cards


Perry the librarian

Huge display of Tart N Tiny candies!


Good Night Moon exhibit
(For those that don't know, the bunny in this book is Perry's beloved Hop Hop)

Lewis & Clark

More Hop Hops!

We loved the magic balls



Luca's 15 month pics at JCPenney


Serious pose...and in B&W


Mommy had to "fly" him around to get a smile...with my hands cropped out


Mommy and Luca...and with the words on the back of his shirt cropped out


Pics where either Luca or Mommy have a funny look on their face

Mommy had to "fly" him for this picture too and then hurry up and set him down...that's why his shirt is so rumpled


Silly boy was NOT in the mood for pictures this day, but they didn't turn out half bad


August 13

Converted the cribs to big girl beds



New room!


August 16

Mommy and Daddy went out for their anniversary (August 17th - 6 years!!)


August 18

First day of PRESCHOOL!

We still eat breakfast upstairs...aren't they cute??

1st day of school!

In front of their school


P&E are going to United Services in St Peters on Mondays/Wednesdays 9-12.
We're hoping 2 spots open up in Dardenne Prairie so they can go to the location right down the road from our house!


August 25

Luca and Perry hanging out on the deck
(Ella was in time out)

Handsome boy (with a boo boo chin and forehead)

Sporty Spice


Riesy just got a hair cut and bath

Ella swinging with our neighbor Lyndsey

Trying on our princess "costumes" for Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party

An exasperated "cheese"..."ta da"

Luca playing independently with his train table, as usual

Ella has perfected the log roll

And Perry can do a forward roll all by herself!!


August 26


Luca eating lunch like a big boy at Teppie's


August 30

Six Flags...again

Elmer Fudd's ride

Tazmanian Devil ride

Tugboat ride


Tiny choo choo ride...Luca's usual expression while on a ride


Favorite activity of the day...that we could probably do in a park 5 minutes from our house...go figure

Perry sliding

Ella sliding

Luca sliding

Luca climbing

Luca in the green tunnel slide

Log ride...notice how I'm totally covering Ella's face so she doesn't get wet

Perry was sad because she got a few drops on her

Tiny carousel


Luca blue eyes

More log ride

P&E on the Tweety Twee House ride


I suppose they're having fun

Luca sacked out for 2 hours!

Ella and the "chocolate shake" (aka chocolate ice cream)

Perry was determined to drink hers through a straw

And both arms are behind the head now


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