December 6

Happy St Nick's Day!

A little sisterly love to show off our new jammies that St Nick brought us


Luca's gettin' in on the action


Story time!


Cuteness and handsomeness

Pretty toes!

They really *do* love each other


December 9

Trip to The Mills

Unplanned visit with Santa
(The kids all talked with Santa just fine but when it came time to sit with him for the picture, forget it...that's how Mommy ended up in the pic)


Our favorite lawn decoration at Cabela's...a reindeer wearing camo and toting an AK-47 rifle...Merry Christmas!


December 13

We're famous!!


Perry and Ella are featured in the United Services Annual Report!

A close up

*United Services is where P&E attend preschool*


A trip to Fort Zumwalt Park to see the "YIGHTS"

Showers, jammies, and into the car

With chicken fries and French fries from BK

I swear they just shoot the lights to the top of the trees with one of those t-shirt cannon launchers

Christmas scenes

Eating and checking out the lights


December 20

Rogan Christmas

Eating dinner

Opening presents (Luca was not interested)


He was busy playing with the police car and wearing beads

Playing Elefun and the fishing game with Amanda and Lindsay


Uncle Chris and baby Noel

Do my kids know how to ruin a game or what?

All the kids and grandkids


December 21

Pratt Christmas

Always a joy to get a family photo

Perry and Ella love the dancing/singing snowmen

Sit N Spins and stockings

Lukey and Ella with Grandma (and the M&Ms)

Opening presents

Everyone is busy with their presents

Luca and Perry found the bouncy balls

Everyone has something that makes them happy


We were more interested in bouncy balls, tools, and Rice Krispy treats than the TV Dance Cam

Ella bouncin'...Luca and Daddy petting Lily

Spinnin' with Grandpa


December 24

Stuhlmann Christmas


Lukey riding the big wooden train...Perry, Ella, Drew, and Grandma playing with the electric train

Perry getting some instruction from Margaret on the controls...Grandma, Luca, and Ella downstairs at the big train

Despite Mommy's weird face, Luca was too cute not to post this picture...sittin' in the rocker and eatin' some crackers

Cousin Jason entertaining the kiddos

Opening presents

Baby "Cake" opening presents and trying them on

Luca playing trains by Aunt Angela and taking a ba-ba break

Uncle Julio's cool coconut drink holder

Luca must think that's real Root Beer


Putting out milk and cookies for Santa and water and carrots for the reindeer

Hopefully Santa didn't mind the half-eaten cookies


After Santa's visit


December 25

Merry Christmas!

Luca is immediately drawn to his new train table

And Ella spies the easel

Everyone's gotta check out the cookie plate and mugs


Back to playing

Ella and Perry opened their presents

While Luca couldn't be torn apart from his train table


Finally opening some presents with Daddy

Perry wore her fairy costume the rest of the day!

Ella helping open Mommy's present, a pink Ipod

Luca cuddling with mama


Christmas with Teppie, Grandma Kim, and Papa John

Ooooh, more presents!


Cool snowglobe toys

Grandpa's little buddy

Opening presents

Papa John's cool t-shirt


Christmas at Grandma Deb and Papa Steve's

Ella holding baby Noel

Perry showing Grandpa her snowglobe

Luca opening presents

Cool Peg Leg Pete's t-shirt

Perry and Ella opening presents

Luca loves his Thomas stuff!

Perry giving Uncle Tim some ketchup and mustard on his hot dog


December 28

Bast Christmas

The kids opening presents and the adults watching

Ella and Perry (Luca was napping)

Super Lukasz and Ashley

How do these work?

Ella took a liking to Jake

And Luca took a liking to Alex

Luca also likes fruit

Playing a game (notice who Luca's hanging out with)

The girls playing ring around the rosie

Luca playing pool with Christian and Papa John

Awwww, such a cutie...sucking the water out of the lip of the can

Luca and "the Papa John substitute" (aka Uncle Steve)


December 29

My cute little Scooba...he cleans my floors for me!


December 31

Ella using the new Aquadoodle...check out those "smiley" faces!!!


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