February 2

Happy 9 month birthday to Luca!


Luca in his big boy chair, eating a biter biscuit


Such a cute eating boy

Playin' with my food

All 3 kiddos eating dinner


February 5

Luca's 9 month appointment
Weight: 22 pounds 9 ounces (75-90th percentile)
Length: 30 1/2 inches (97th percentile)
Head circumference: 18 inches (50-75th percentile)

He still has a fever from the flu (diagnosed last Thursday) so no vaccinations today


February 14


Ella and Luca

Trying to get all 3 is of course, impossible

Luca's had enough...he's out of here

Maybe single pics?

And we have pure chaos

Luca is not digging the hug



Beating the eggs for the brownies

Mixing up the brownie mix

Eating some chocolate off the spoons

Perry and her poor chapped cheeks

Now we know what makes Ella smile!

Gotta have some juice to wash all that chocolate down

Our chocolate covered strawberries

We had some leftover chocolate so we dipped marshmallows in it
(Ella doesn't care for marshmallows...silly girl)

All that cooking was hard work...gotta take a rest with our juice boxes


February 15

Luca trying to crawl

Hello doggie!

Ewww, doggie kisses

Handsome silly boy


Standing boy

Mommy and Luca being silly


February 16

Our friend Natalie's 2nd birthday party

Luca staring at the big kids


Perry and Ella in their cute outfits

Luca spinning around


Natalie the birthday girl


Luca practicing his standing


Ella got hold of the camera...Perry playing with the magnetic doll

Happy Birthday Natalie!


Ella coloring and Perry playing with the stroller


February 18

Prunes are good


February 19

Luca's 9 month pics from Kiddie Kandids




Such a ham!!


February 23

We love tubby time!

Luca and his drum stick...Perry and Ella coloring

Blue eyes


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