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January 1

Happy 2008!

Starting the new year off with some vacuuming at Grandma Teppie's

Grandpa and Luca


Ella has to empty hers out

Ride 'em cowboy!


January 2

Luca is 8 months old and got his first tooth!


January 5

Perry & Ella are 26 months old!


Dinner at Tony's for Great Grandma Teppie's Birthday


Not the best pictures...but it shows their cute sweaters and bows
(And you can see Ella's battle wounds from her playground fight the day before...she was the victim)

And Luca's coordinating sweater

Perry being funny before bedtime

Mommy and Ella laying down in Ella's crib

And Luca being cute on the ground


January 6

Record breaking temps today

Perry having a good time driving her car

Ella liked walking back and forth from the driveway to the porch

Now she's driving her car

Perry crashed and burned...and getting some help from Grandma Kim

Ella likes to carry things in her "trunk" so she got the newspaper off the porch

Riesy watching from inside

Ella taking a break with Mommy


Such cute driving girls

Swinging in the backyard

Ella on the "big girl" swing

Sliding with Grandma


January 8

This is how we find Ella when we check on them before we go to bed
(Notice she is laying ON her blanket and pillow)


January 10

Perry & Ella's dance debut

The teacher trying to get P&E to join the class
(they sat out the first song)

Ok, maybe we'll do what all these other girls are doing...Nah, let's just run around instead
(notice there are 10 other 2 year olds lined up perfectly and P&E are running wild)

I guess walking on their tiptoes with their hands up in the air looked like fun, so they joined in

Perry and Ella are running circles around the class

The pom poms have them interested


Perry loves the pom pom!

Can you pick Ella's backside out of a circle of tu tu's?


Now we're following along with the class!

Tap time

Perry and Ella

Luca chillin' with Mommy

Good job girls!

Ella getting some one on one instruction

After class they got Tootsie Rolls...chewing ever so gracefully

My tiny dancers


January 12

Incredible Pizza with Fred, Jessica, Nick, and Alex

We're starting to learn that if we want to eat a meal in peace, get the girls some ice cream

Luca wants ice cream too!

Mad Luca...but it shows his cute little new tooth

We love the carousel

Alex and Nick having some fun

We think Nick and Luca might be long lost brothers

Perry riding the carousel with Alex and a new friend

Mini bowling was a big hit with P&E

Perry's technique

Ella's release

Such cute bowling girls

Luca's just takin' it all in
(You can't tell but everything was glowing b/c of the black lights...very trippy)

Some arcade games

Ski ball was a little hard for 2 year olds


January 13

Luca's first biter biscuit

Mmmm, tasty!

It's messy, but it's good!


January 17

Mommy's 30th Birthday!


January 26

Luca hangin' out on the guest bed

"Where's that doggie?...There he is!"


Mommy's Birthday Party

Eating and mingling

Dave and Amber...Being silly

Aunt Judy, Granny P, Mom, Me, Aunt Carole, Courtney...Bill, Granny B, Me

Dave's bowling technique

Kelly and Angela bowling

Kelly & Amber...Courtney & Amber

Andrew & Dave...Angela & Amber



January 28

Perry being silly in Grandpa John's hat


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