July 3

We are now the proud owners of season passes to Six Flags!
(we just went for the evening)

At the entrance fountain

Eating dinner at the Villain's Cafe (Mexican)


On the kiddie carousel


Playing the "bang on the Coke machine" game, waiting for the train to come

Perry is VERY excited to see the train
(the girls woke up from their naps asking about the choo choo)

All aboard!

Mommy, Perry, & Ella on the spin around/go up and down till you barf ride
(aka Elmer Fudd Weather Balloons)

This ride looked like it just went back and forth, but lo and behold, it was another spin around till you barf ride
(otherwise known as Yosemite Sam Tugboat Tailspin)

Flying on the Bugs Bunny Ranger Pilot ride
(one of them actually managed to pull the stick a little to get them in the air)

Swinging on the Daffy Duck Swing ride


All 3 kiddos (and Mommy) on Tweety's Twee House ride

You can't really tell, but P&E loved it and Luca was just indifferent

Dancing to an R&B band that was playing at Old Glory Amphitheater

This time Daddy rode the Elmer Fudd spin till you barf ride

The entrance to the kiddie area (which is completely new)


The girls and Porky Pig

Yep, they can all go on the Colossus (do you believe that?)

Luca and Daddy...Mommy, Ella, Perry

Ella says, "OMG, what have I gotten myself into!?!?"

Views from the top

Luca and Perry checking out the views

Luca wants to check out the views on the girls' side of the "cage"

"Ah, very nice"


Perry breaking the "don't rock the cage" rule

Ella finally looking out

Oh yeah, Screamin' Eagle baby!
(not really)


Perry and Ella with the Colossus


Perry saying hi to Sylvester


Ella hugging Sylvester

Luca low five-ing Sylvester

Marvin the Martian
(they're certainly not scared of any of these weird looking characters)

Perry and PePe Le Pew




July 4

Happy 4th of July!


O'Fallon Heritage Festival

Riding the REAL horsies
(Perry LOVED it, Ella got a little scared so Daddy had to walk next to her)

Spinning teacups

Circus train

Hanging out in the back of the SUV, waiting for fireworks

All kinds of fun with 3 under 3 in a confined area


Luca likes them!

The viewing area

P&E watching with Daddy

Snug as bugs in a rug
(we think the girls liked having their blankets and pillows in the back of the car more than the fireworks)


July 5

Fireworks at Winghaven

We brought popcorn this time

Luca likes popcorn too!


Luca found a little "bench" to sit on...Perry copied him


July 7

Another trip to Six Flags since Daddy was off work
(too bad it was 95 degrees!)

More spin around rides


Silly Luca


Ella and the BIG Powerade bottle

Yeah, that's Mommy and the girls on the Joker ride
(NOT a big hit with P&E)

Sylvester and Tweety


Scooby Doo


July 12

Just hangin' out on the deck

Sporty girls


Sisterly love

Yup, he's a boy


July 13

Bubbles at Great Grandma Teppie's

If you look real close, you can see the bubbles


Peanut gallery
(Grandpa John, Luca, and "Teppie")

Luca wants a wand too


Ella was pretty good with the wand

Perry took awhile to get the hang of it


Luca looking very Hawaiian


July 18

Gymnastics class at the Y


Ella on the balance beam, going sideways


Perry saying "cheese" and working on her balance skills


Luca getting a little help from Daddy

Woo hoo!

Ella attempting the log roll

Daddy and Luca walking around...Luca was trying to tell Lawton to stop hogging the slide

"Hey lady, let me out of here!"


July 19

Bella's birthday party at Bounce U

P&E on a slide


Climbing the "rock" wall



Daddy and Luca

Perry and Ella in motion


Shootin' hoopies

Luca doing the slide by himself...yay!

Bella blowing out the candles...P&E waiting for cupcakes

See P&E in the lower right corner, watching Bella open gifts


July 23

Wearing Daddy's Dom Boy T-shirt


July 26

Six Flags...again

Riding the small choo the big choo choo drives by

Luca and Ella on the Tugboat

Daddy and Luca in the fountains

Grandma and the girls on the balloon ride


The girls with their snakeys

On the colossus



Ella and Speedy Gonzalez


Luca getting a sip of Powerade from Grandpa


July 29

BBQ with our neighbors


Luca likes the doggies



July 31

Last pics before Riley and Leighton move away


Luca, Brady, Ella, Riley, Perry, Lyndsey, Leighton, Dylan

Perry and Ella in the toddler swing together

Ella lovin' on Brats


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