June 1

Daddy putting on sunscreen
(Notice the "glob it on" technique on Ella's back)

Playing in the sprinkler

Tried to go to the ICD parish picnic but it was already closed, so we played on the playground instead

Big girls on the swings!

Luca blue eyes!


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June 6-13

Florida Vacation


June 5

Luca sleeping on the way down (he only slept a few hours of the trip)


P&E watching a movie (they stayed up till midnight watching movies!)


June 6


A baby pile up while Mommy was trying to sleep

Just checking out the beach
(Perry and Luca were very skeptical of the sand, but Ella had no fear.
She is naked because she got swallowed up by a wave and instead of getting mad, she just took off her wet shirt and shorts and got right back in.)


Perry starting to enjoy it


Ella LOVES it!

Daddy and Luca

Smiley girls

Mommy and Luca

Sunset and San de Luna townhouses
(We stayed in Grandma and Grandpa Rogan's unit)

The "choo choo" (aka trolley)

Walkin' back


June 7


Trying on our goggles

Ella helping blow up rafts


June 8

Luca in his raft

Perry and Ella in their fishy rafts

Ella came up with the idea to jump in off of the steps

Perry tried it too

As close to a picture of all 3 as we're gonna get

And now she's going off the side

Perry's not as brave, she kind of just falls into the pool


Posing for a quick pic and then getting into her jumping stance


Perry's pose and stance


June 9

Ella borrowing Drew's life jacket

Perry playing with her watering can and bucket

Daddy and Ella

Had to run for cover from the rain

Luca and his "my mommy rocks" shirt

Family pics at McGuire's

Perry, Daddy, and Luca at dinner

Ella and her bread (notice the brown teeth)

Luca being silly and having some seriously handsome blue eyes

Perry with her fork...and what happens when mommy says "say cheese"

Luca's favorite game...peek-a-boo!


June 10

We met Kelly & Jakob at the Northwest Zoo

Looking at the ducks and lemurs

Riding the carousel

Perry loves the carousel...Ella is not as amused


Kelly, Jakob, Ella, Perry, Mommy, Luca, and Daddy on the train

Checkin' out the wildlife

Rhino, ostriches,

zebra, alligator


More awwww

Total awwww!

Papa and baby orangutans

Mommy orangutan looking at us through the window...P&E looking at the baby

Mommy and her monkeys

Kookaburra (wonder if he's sitting in an old gum tree?) and a pretty toucan

Gators or crocs...can't remember

Perry looking at the coyotes


Perry feeding the goats

Ella feeding the goats

Feeding Gabby the giraffe

Feeding the duckies



P&E playing in the sand...Luca not so sure about it

Luca says "I can't believe they're touching this stuff"


Handsome beach baby


Ella, Luca, and Daddy going into the ocean


Ella playing in the wet sand...Perry wouldn't sit *in* it

Daddy and Luca in the water


Ella, Grandma, and Perry


June 11

Ella and Jack wearing goggles

Self portraits with Perry and Luca

Luca being silly


June 12



Perry getting her flower girl dress altered by Grandma

So beautiful...and blonde!!

Luca and a little girlfriend he met at the pool

P&E drink break


Hanging out at the pool with Grandpa, Grandma, and Aunt Angela...Uncle Andrew's crab trap

Luca trying out some new rafts

P&E having some virgin mojitos

Luca jumping in the water


The whole fam at Peg Leg Pete's
(Daddy, Grandma, Julio, Ella, Angela, Perry, Andrew, Courtney, Grandpa, Luca, Mommy)


"Arrrrrgggghhh mateys"

Luca prefers sunglasses to eye patches

Ella eating a steamed potato like an apple

Perry eating popcorn shrimp

Playing on the slide at Peg Leg's


Luca playing in the sand with Daddy


June 13

Perry taking a nap on the way home

Ella being silly and watching the movie

Luca ridin' in the 2nd row

Ella's new jibbit...a duck!

Everyone just hangin' out

Perry put her B and Hop Hop up in the window
(I think they are mooning the other cars)

Ella and Luca found a way to amuse themselves in the backseat


Perry thinks they're goofy


June 18-21

Trip to Kansas City


June 19

Worlds of Fun

Visiting with Snoopy

Camp Snoopy
(where all the little kiddie rides are)

On the train


On the ferris wheel

Such big girls, getting off the ride by themselves

On the caterpillar roller coaster

On the horsies

Driving the car

Beetle bugs

All 3 riding in the boat



Riding on the camp bus


In the crazy ball-shooting/slide playground area


More Snoopy hugs

In the Red Baron plane


And more Snoopy hugs

Strawberry milkshakes with lunch

On the big choo choo


Grandpa walking around with a sleeping Luca

On the carousel

Banana smoothies

Sleepy boy with his leg up


Flying boat ride


Lucy and Linus


Luca needs psychiatric help from living with Perry & Ella

Riding motorcyles

In the beetle bugs again


June 20

Oceans of Fun



Wave pool

Here come the waves!

Luca likes it!


Captain Kidd's play area


Ella sliding

Perry sliding


Daddy and Luca sliding


Ella splashing!


Perry splashing!

The "big" waterslides

Ella and Perry




Wedding Rehearsal & Dinner
(Perry and Ella were flower girls in David's cousin Justin & Mandy's wedding)


Getting comfortable with the aisle

Being silly with Zach, the ringbearer


Pretty girls

Getting instructions from the wedding coordinator

And they're off!


Practicing for their wedding days

Luca in his handsome boy gear

Family pic outside by the flowers

View from the rehearsal dinner

Luca playing with his car



June 21

Wedding day!


Every girl's crazy 'bout a sharp dressed man!


Ella in her flower girl dress


Perry in her flower girl dress

2 little flower girls


Yay!  They made it down the aisle!

Going to Daddy and Grandma

Perry blowing bubbles

The bride and groom (Mandy and Justin)!

Ella and Mommy...Ella reading the hymm book

Probably 1 of only 2 decent shots
(P&E were not having any of this picture business)


Aunt Angela and Uncle Julio helping to keep the kiddos entertained
(Uncle Andrew was taking pictures)

Luca sleeping on the way to the reception

P&E "dancing" with Zach

Luca loves the puppy

Perry & Ella blowing bubbles with Aunt Angela and Uncle Julio


Uncle Andrew and Luca trying to catch the garter


Luca having fun with Uncle Andrew


Luca's expression while watching the duck dance


Ella and Luca


Daddy and Ella dancing and smooching

Perry and Daddy dancing


Aunt Angela dancing with Ella and Perry

Luca getting dipped by Grandpa


C'mon ride the train! Woo woo!

Shakin' their groove thangs


Luca cuttin' a rug


Ella getting dipped by Grandma

Ella hula hooping with the glow in the dark necklaces


Such a good dancer

Ella having some cake...and sharing with Uncle Andrew

Ella dancing with her godfather (Uncle Andrew)


Ella and Mommy dancing



Ella and Daddy dancing and a hug to end the night

Perry's done, put a fork in her


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