March 1

Swim class for Perry and Ella

Using the kickboards

Luca having some Cheerios with Grandma Rogan


*Videos in the video section too!


March 2

Happy 10 month birthday Luca!


75+ degree weather = trip to a new park

Perry and Daddy on the tire swing

Luca and Ella

Huge playground!


Ella on the big girl swing, refusing to look at the camera

Got her!

This rolling slide was a big hit!


Luca says, "I see you Cheerios, get in my belly!"


More sliding

Swinging/teeter totter thing


Ella scaling the rock wall

Mommy and Luca back at home

Wheee!  I love this ride!


March 5

Perry & Ella are 28 months old!


March 7

Luca is a big boy, using a sippy cup about 10 months before his sissies did

Mmmm, breakfast for dinner night
Pancakes and syrup = GOOD!


Gotta wash those sticky hands off


"I don't need no stinkin' bib"

We love to play with our new "Uckey" magnet
(Uckey = Lukey)

Meanwhile, no one is watching "Uckey" and he decides to turn on the vacuum cleaner


March 8

Luca trying on his new beach hat


Very crocodile hunter-esque


Another week at swim class

Luca and Grandma taking it easy while we swim


Ella loves the kickboard...and even kicks!

Perry liked it better this week than last week, but no kicking

Perry doing the "backstroke" with Mommy

Wave to Grandpa!

Ella was quite the jumper, Perry was more of a stepper


1 - 2 - 3!

"C'mon Ella!"

How about only Mommy looks at the camera?

Riding the slide

Ella on the kiddie slide, Perry playing with the watering can



Dinner at Playtime Party Center for Grandma Kim's Birthday

Luca in his usual position

Perry having fun in the plane


"Put another token in please!"

Blurry slide pics...guess we're faster than the speed of Nikon

Tummy sliders

Grandpa rode the big slide with P&E


Daddy and Luca...Ella and Grandma


Luca says, "I want to play too guys"

Triple slider!

Perry and Luca

Having fun with Lukey!


March 16

Easter at Grandma Teppie's


Mommy and Luca

Decent family pics


Opening our presents from the Great Aunts and Uncles...Great Aunt Carole modeling the butterfly towel

Lukey likes the banister!

Ella hunting eggs


Lukey just crawling around


Perry hunting eggs with Grandma

Ella decided to start opening her eggs after she found a few

Perry and her Thomas train

Easter baskets
P&E's say "Chicks Rule", Luca's says "Chick Magnet"

Luca playing with the trains

So cute

Ella and Grandpa

Luca loves the music playing bunny...he was dancing and laughing!


March 17



Trying to get a pic of all 3...yeah right

Tickling worked...over fruit snack bribery!
(Well, they're smiling at least)


March 18

Visit with the Easter Bunny

Sorry for the blurry pic, will try to fix it soon


March 21

Good Friday Fun

Coloring Easter eggs...P&E couldn't understand why we couldn't stick our hands IN the cups

Some didn't turn out so well, so we re-dipped them in purple and blue

Coloring some pretty pictures

Perry's pretty flower...she's a lefty and a righty

Ella's pretty flower...she's mostly a righty

And Luca smiling as usual

Coloring held our attention the whole time Mommy fed Luca

And this is how silly boy fell asleep for his nap


March 22

More swim class pics

Luca splashing around in the pool after class


LOVING the fountains

Practicing the back float with Daddy


March 23

Easter Morning

Opening our baskets

Lukey's ready to hunt for eggs!


The girls both like Luca's guitar

I think I found some eggs!

Ella finding LOTS of eggs


Perry had a slow start, but caught up soon

Luca was very busy fixing coffee, ringing the doorbell, and using the grill

Luca wants to jump with big sissy


Stuhlmann Easter dinner at the Figge House



Ella was a pro at this egg hunting thing



Perry did an egg-cellent job too

Ella checking out the Cozy Coupe


Jack and Drew hunting eggs and sharing their toys with P&E

Ella had fun with all the new toys

Perry liked the tiny piano

Some people think Grandpa and Luca look alike...what do you think?

Perry snuggling with Kristen...and Ella giving the gazelle a drink with Grandma


MARCH 25-30


March 31

"Opening Day" at Busch Stadium

Pretty decent pictures
(had to tickle Perry to get her to cooperate though)

Being silly in the chair

Lukey having fun

Here comes the rain

Look at all the umbrellas!

Rain out

Driving through rain with sunshine up ahead

Sleepy Sleepertons

Terrible picture, but can you see the rainbow?


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