Luca's 12 month professional pics from Portrait Innovations 


May 2



Opening presents


Riding on my Lil' Quad 4x4

Luca's big sissies approve of his new toys


Monkey Joe's


Our new water table


Luca LIKES it!


This is fun Mom!

Ella's decorating philosophy...a pinch for the cupcakes, a pinch for ME!


Happy birthday to you!

I don't know about this

Yup, I don't like it

Perry and Ella like the cupcakes!!


May 3

Testing out the inflatable slide before the party



The fiesta decor


The cakes

Perry and Grandpa Rogan on the slide

Aunt Angela and Perry...Luca and Jamie

The kids enjoying the slide

Party on the deck


Dylan and his chocolate fountain kabob...we can never get our fountain to flow right


Perry and Ella enjoying some marshmallows

Luca says "1) Why is everyone singing to me? and 2) I told you last night that I don't like cake"

I don't think I'm gonna like this

I was right, I don't like it!


Now I'm happy, I've got my crackers

Opening presents with a little help from P&E

It's a group effort


Luca is more interested in his cards and trains

Some of the kids in their Mexican sombreros


May 6

Pics in the yard



May 12

Trip to the Zoo

Daddy and the girls looking at the polar bear

Luca just chillin' in his stroller

Cute little prairie dogs

Luca waitin' for the train

Luca made a friend to play peek-a-boo with

On the train

Not too sure about the dark tunnel

Mommy and Luca


Daddy took some "creative" shots


In the butterfly house

They're both on the look-out for "bugs"

Pretty flower...pretty butterfly

Petting the guinea pig in the children's zoo

Perry looking at the turtles

P&E driving the jeep

Luca looking at meerkats


Perry on the orange frog


Ella on the green frog

Cow and sheep

Loose turkey walking around...Daddy holding P&E back from the turkey



Luca in the hippo's mouth...What else is in here?


Rope walkers


May 13

Luca's 1 year appointment

Length: 32.5 inches (97th%ile)
Weight: 24 pounds 4 ounces (75th%ile)


May 31

Gluten Free Festival at Tilles Park


Trying some GF cookies

Ella and her hot dog on a stick

Perry with her hot dog

Mommy and Perry dancing

Ella dancing

Luca and Fredbird
(Luca is wondering what the heck has its hand on his head)

Perry and Ella were scared of Fredbird

Perry with her sno-cone

Ella and her sno-cone

Mmmm, good!

Luca says "brain freeze!!"

Being silly with the sippy cup

Luca LOVED the slide!

Doing the monkey bars and some chin ups

Perry and Ella


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