November 1

Perry and Ella's Not So Scary Halloween Party!

Pumpkin decorating


Perry with all the presents...Morgan as Tinkerbell

The spread...Mummy dogs

Eating dinner...Perry ate her mummy dog like corn on the cob


Opening presents

Tommy, Joseph, Jakob...Marvin, Drew, Jack

Natalie...Uncle Andrew, Luca, Bella

Playing outside


Ghosts in the Graveyard cakes

Mommy (Cinderella) with Perry and Luca


November 5

Happy 3rd Birthday to Perry and Ella!


Luca likes the decorations!

Happy birthday sleepy heads!


Perry trying to touch the decorations with her wand

Close ups

Opening presents





Gonna take awhile to figure out the pedals


Trip to the zoo


Ella and her monkey with the monkeys

Jungle of the Apes...still not open

Standing by the "monkey" pictures

Chimps...or orangutans...I can never tell the difference


They about look the same size, don't they?

Pear Bear being silly


It was cold, but they got a kick out of the penguins

P&E on the frogs

Playing in the children's zoo area

(We saw a Dorie fish...from Nemo)

I thought this little fox kind of looked like Riesy



Luca and the hippo


Rope walking

Sleepy Luca

Our new spread out seating arrangement
(P&E ride in the 3rd row and Luca in the 2nd)


Visiting baby Noel in the hospital, he was born on 11/5 too!

Noel with Grandma Velazquez

Watching the bath process

Luca and Daddy doing Eskimo kisses

Proud parents, Julio and Angela!

So sleepy after a bath!


November 14

Whittle Train Station


Luca was in heaven!!!

Perry loves playing trains too

Ella was more interested in "helping" me take pictures




Luca playing at the BIG train table


Ella got bored and went to rearrange the Thomas catalogs...both girls playing trains


November 15

Incredible Pizza Company

P&E playing some games

Luca ridin' around in his automobile

Leavin' on a jet plane...don't know when they'll be back again


How many 3 year olds fit on a horse?

Perry on the carousel and Luca and Ella in the car

Luca in deep thought and having fun in the bouncy

P&E playing air hockey...Luca "helping" Ella


Ella bowling

Perry bowling

Dance Revolution


Visiting Aunt Angela and Uncle Julio's loft to see baby Noel

Dave holding Noel...all wrapped up like a tiny burrito

Luca checkin' the baby out

Trying to get a picture of all the grandkids


Luca with Uncle Julio and being silly

Amber with baby Noel

Little baby McGuire's booties...Ella checkin' out the baby

Cute little "DUDE" hat


November 23

Bast Thanksgiving

The kiddie table

Mmmm, yummy food!

Fruit on a stick was a huge hit!

Luca LOVED it


November 25

Pictures at Kiddie Kandids
(they're blurry and mis-sized b/c I had to "borrow" them from the KK site)




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