October 1

Perry and Ella's class field trip to the apple orchard



October 5

Rombach's Pumpkin Patch

We went with our friend Jamie, her daughter Bella, and her nephews Douglas and Tyree...that's SIX under FIVE!

Tyree and Luca in the stroller
(Tyree just turned 1 in August and is bigger than Luca!)

All the kiddos
(Douglas, Ella, Bella, Perry, Tyree, Luca)

Ella, Bella, Perry

Ella and Perry

All the kiddos, Jamie, and me

Our family

BIG pumpkins

Who has the bluest eyes in all the land?

Douglas and Ella...Perry

Running out some energy


With our pumpkins


October 8

First French braids
(And no, we don't always wear these jammies)


Luca's 'do...the curly Q


October 10

Bethalto Homecoming Parade



Waitin' for the parade to start


The firemen threw us some beads

CMHS barching band

P&E picking up candy

Mommy and the kids in front of her "alma mater"


Visiting with Grandma Kim's cousin MaryAnn from PA
(cousin Patty was there too but didn't want to be in any pictures)


October 16

Trying on Luca's Halloween costume


He's Peter Pan!!!


Unfortunately, he's not a huge fan of the hat

Perry and Ella playing dress up, as usual
(These are not their Halloween costumes)


October 18

Fright Fest at Six Flags

Riding the Elmer Fudd balloon ride
(with Perry and Ella's BFF Bella)

Tugboat ride

Luca and Tyree hanging out by the Dracula

Luca and Grandpa being silly

Luca's first time on the swings!


Smiles from 2 out of 3

There was a ladybug on top of the ride and apparently that was more interesting than the ride

Mommy and her little pumpkin on the carousel

Smiles all around on this ride

Bella and Ella on the plane ride
(Perry was taking a potty break)


Tweety Twee House ride


Little bundled up pumpkin is SO tired


October 26

Six Flags with just Perry and Ella as an early birthday treat

Fright Fest

Tweety ride and Marvin the Martian ride


Swings...Yosemite Sam
(Perry and Ella's BFF Bella came too)

On the Tugboat ride

Big girls riding the balloon ride by themselves

Riding with an older girl

Ella and Daddy on the Moon cars

Perry LOVES driving!

On the small carousel


October 31

Happy Halloween!

Perry as Sleeping Beauty, Ella as Belle, and Luca as Peter Pan

Over at our neighbor's house for dinner before Trick or Treating


P&E are in heaven, these people left candy on their porch!!!

Perry and Ella really got the hang of trick or treating this year

2 of the scariest houses...they weren't big fans of the scary mask or the fogger machine


Luckily we knew these people...LOL!


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