April 6

Cardinals Opening Day!

Trying to get a group shot...we lost one

Daddy must be doing something awfully funny behind Mommy



Trying to stay warm

Mommy and the girls with Mary and Bryan

The eagle

Let's play some ball!

Watchin' the game

Family shot


April 9

Daddy came to Luca's swim class

Doesn't he look excited??


Sticking our toes in to get used to the water temperature

Swimming boy!!

Such a happy swimming boy

Check out the kicking legs!  Future Michael Phelps!


April 11

Easter at Teppie's house

All dressed up

Luca gettin' some lovin' from his ladies

Nice family pic



Playing on the landscaping stones

Let the egg hunt begin!

Everyone LOVED hunting eggs!

Checkin' out our goodies


New baby dolls

Mommy and Ella


Hunting for Teppie's eggs


April 12

Happy Easter!!

Ella and Luca digging into their baskets

Perry joins in

Luca is pretty pumped about his cars...in the background, Mommy is giving a cheer lesson


Perry and Ella on the hunt for eggs

Luca finds some eggs and gets a little help from Riesy

Who has the most??

Let's dump them out and see what's inside

Cars, fruit snacks, and Cheerios...oh my!!

Super excited about chapstick


Luca rockin' the pink basket


Ella and Luca will pose on demand

Don't they look like a J Crew ad???

Perry finally joined in, but kept her distance

Going for a walk/run to warm up for the egg hunt

Hangin' out outside


Luca with Daddy and Mommy

Hunting eggs, our new favorite game!

Papa Steve with the grandsons

Jason playing "spin the toddler"


April 18

Lucas' birthday party

Eating lunch

The birthday boy

Grocery carts, strollers, and kitchens!!

Mmmm, cake!


April 19

Drew's birthday party

Luca and Noel playing


Baby Noel

Trying to get a pic of all 4 kiddos


April 22

Playdate at Faust Park with the Figges

Outside the butterfly house

Perry and Jack climbing on the "big kid" playground

Luca couldn't figure out which slide to choose


Luca is Mr Big Stuff on the playground

Going down slides on your bottom is for beginners


Big climbing girls


Getting ready to ride the carousel...not sure why Perry looks mad

The lady made Luca ride with Ella...but it turned into a cute photo op

The Figges riding the carousel

Picnic lunch

Luca is knocked out


April 25

March for Babies!

Team shirts

Perry and Ella LOVE baby Noel


Here we go!

Self portrait

Luca helping pull the wagon with his sissies in it


Baby Noel awake...Baby Noel asleep


Perry getting a ride from Marvin...all the walkers with the Arch in the background


Our team:
Ella, Grandma Deb, Great Uncle Marvin, Great Aunt Margaret, Grandpa John, Grandma Kim, Teppie, Perry, Daddy, Mommy
Grandpa Steve, Uncle Julio, Cousin Noel, Aunt Angela, Luca

Our family

Luca playing frisbee with the Papa's

Ella joined in




April 26

Playing in the backyard

Wooden airplanes are fun!

Odd things to play with in the backyard, but he sure is cute isn't he??

A photo essay of how Luca climbs the ladder with 3 things in his hands


Playing with the airplanes


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