August 5
Last pictures in front of the old house
August 16
Some pics of the house
(Keep in mind we just moved in 10 days ago...LOL!)
Master bedroom and closet
(Haven't done much with the bedroom, but the closet was stripped, painted, and new shelves were hung)
Master bathroom and "wardrobe"
(Didn't need to do anything to the bathroom, but we changed the knobs on the wardrobe)
Linen closet in upstairs hallway and Luca's closet
(Stripped both closets, painted them, and put in new shelves...changed the lighting and added a cute little boy in the hallway)
Luca's room and BIG BOY bedding
(Getting ready to paint Luca's walls)
Perry and Ella's room and closet
(Haven't done anything with the room yet but we stripped both closets, painted them, and put shelving back in one)
4th bedroom is being used as a playroom while the basement is remodeled
Kids' bathroom
(Painted walls and put new hardware on the cabinets)
Bathroom and towels
(Bathroom closet was stripped, painted, and new shelves are being put in)
Dining room and coat closet
(Coat closet was stripped, painted, and a new shelf was put in)
Living room
(Haven't done much in here except hang the new GINORMOUS TV Dave picked out)
"Hearth" room
(Put in new light and curtains)
(Didn't need to do anything in here)
Our new table/nook
Laundry room
(Removed cabinets and wall border, painted, and hung new shelving)
Front of house
(Painted the shutters and front door black)
Thanks to everyone who has helped out in the last week!!!  We love you!!!
August 22
Sweet gum ball tree in the front yard
About 20 trees in the backyard
And we got to play with baby Noel for the evening!!!
August 30
Some updates on the house
Actually have pictures on the walls!
Painted the uni-color trim and chair rail...and got a new ceiling fan
The kids' bathroom is complete!
New shelves in the closet
September 1
More updates
White front door (it used to be dark green)
Living room
(painted walls and trim, moved the huge TV, and hung some pictures)
Our "kitschy" artwork in the living room (thanks to Wal-Mart and
Powder room
(repainted the red walls, painted the trim, put in a new roman shade, and hung some artwork)
Kitchen windows got new cordless roman shades too
"Pruned" the landscaping a bit
(probably need to do before and after pics to get a true appreciation for this, but let's just say it was pretty overgrown)
I love!!
(decorated our mailbox with some peel and sticks...please don't stalk us now that you know our address...LOL!)
The house in the daylight...minus a huge sweet gum ball tree and the overgrown landscaping
(we've also traded out all the lighting)
The remaining oak tree...and our sweet gum ball stump
(couldn't grind it up b/c the gas lines run right under it...of course)
The gloriously large (and naked) backyard!
(again, probably need to see side by side before and after pics...but we had about 20 trees taken out)
"Handy Nathan" has started working on the deck...we're changing it over to Trex decking
For Melanie...this is the swingset we scored for $700 on Craigslist (including pick up, powerwashing, and set up)
Dave and I took out our aggression on some wild ivy and Andrew and Courtney are adopting these hostas
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