December 2
Christmas pictures
December 6
Breakfast with Santa at SLU
Snowman and Minnie Mouse balloons
The Billiken
Telling Santa what we want for Christmas
Santa got his little doggie toy out for us to play with
Of course everyone is looking at the doggie though instead of the camera
Ella's candy cane face painting
Perry's Santa Claus face painting
Lukey liked watching, but didn't want one of his own
In front of Griesedieck Dorm, where Mommy and Daddy used to live
December 13
Stutte Christmas Party
No pictures please!
Luca's buddy for the night (cousin Tommy)
Smiley Noel
A fun game called "Jump over Tommy"
Picture of Perry and Mommy by Ella...picture of Mommy and Ella by Perry
More smiley Noel...Luca and Tommy
YAY!  Santa's here!
Noel is NOT a fan of Santa
Ella and Perry are!
Luca will get a present from Santa, but no picture
Does Santa know our kids or what?  Barbies and cars!
December 15
Making cookies
We love making cookies...and messes!
This is what I get when I ask the 2 year old boy for a smile
So I have to sneak pictures of him
At least these 2 will smile/pose for me
December 19
Bast Christmas

2 "see no evil" monkeys who don't want their picture taken...ahhhhh, bread


Daddy gettin' some lovin'

Present madness


Perry showing off her goods

Luca showing off his goods

Ella showing off her goods

Perry with Grandma Betty...and Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty

Trying to get a shot of all the great grandkids:
Luca, Ella, Perry, Tesla, Nathan, Christian, Arista, Anna, Remi (Jake wasn't there)

Smiley Perry...must have snapped a quick one of Luca before he turned away



December 24
Self timer family pics
Christmas at Teppie's
Bast/Rogan family
Courtney beating Zach at arm wrestling
Present madness!
Reindeer cookies for Santa and carrots for the reindeer
OMG, Luca actually looked at the camera and smiled!!
Santa's goodies
December 25
Luca opening presents
Ella opening presents
Perry opening presents
Daddy opening presents
Christmas with Grandma Kim, Papa John, Grandma Teppie, and Grandma Betty
Luca opening presents
Ella opening presents
Perry opening presents
Grandma Deb and Papa Steve came to visit
Mommy's favorite "present"...mudroom lockers!!!!
December 26

Riesy likes his new little "kennel"
Christmas with the Figges
Feedin' time
Present time
Cookie time!
December 27
Sleepy Ella passed out before dinner
December 29
Ice Skating Lessons
Ella crying...Perry crying
(This is off to a good start!)

They're both up!
Perry's getting the hang of it!
Nachos for lunch at the hockey rink
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