February 4


Trying on Daddy's old soccer shirt


Playing some soccer

Ella and Mommy


February 6-8

Mommy and Daddy's 1st trip away from the kiddos...to NYC!

February 6

Flying into NYC


Macy's and Madison Square Garden

Perry Street!


Me and my friend, JoAnn, who did the Sex and the City tour with me

Cosmos, of course!


Times Square

February 7


Views from our room...we could see the E&Y and Empire State Buildings

Eating at S'MAC...gluten free macaroni and cheese!


Really far away shots of the Statue of Liberty (we didn't go to Staten Island)


Dave with the bull and the New York Stock Exhange building

Ground Zero area

Brooklyn Bridge



Empire State Building

Views of Downtown and Uptown from the Empire State Building

Grand Central Station


February 8


Radio City Music Hall and NBC News Studios


Rockefeller Center


NBC Studios tour (couldn't take pics on the tour, but we got to see MSNBC, Conan O'Brien, and Saturday Night Live)

Matt Laurer


St Patrick's Cathedral

Saks 5th Avenue


Central Park and the Upper West Side

Trump Tower


Gluten Free Day at Mozzarelli's Pizza!


February 14



Melting Pot, eat your heart out!

Luca didn't quite get the hang of it, so he enjoyed plain marshmallows and strawberries

Ella was a fan

So was Perry

LOVE those strawberries

My handsome Valentine

2 happy girls


February 15

Dinner at Grandma Kim and Papa John's house


Ella and her balloon

Luca and his balloon

Chillin' on the couch with their balloons

Happy Perry

How many people can we fit on a couch?

Papa and Luca

Luca blue eyes...I think Ella took this picture


February 20

Bounce U with Addison and Lucas


The big slide

Ella and Perry

Luca in the bouncer

Luca made friends with the Bounce U guy


Shootin' some hoopies

Hanging out in the "big kid" bouncer

Luca playing some tee ball

Perry and Ella taking turns


February 25

Warm weather = Trip to the park!

Gotta do the hang before sliding

Luca sliding

Ella and Perry sliding

Twin sliders!

On the big glider

Tire swing

Head first

Gettin' some pointers from sissy

Sweet Ella

Luca blue eyes


February 28

Perry and Ella's first "big girl" swim class at the Y

The only 2 girls in the class!

Mr. Trevor is their teacher

Ella wasn't very happy at this point so Mommy had to do some bribing...shakeys were involved

Perry swimming with Mr. Trevor

Ella finally went with Mr. Trevor too


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