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January 1





January 2

Plane ride



Christmas tree

Osborne Spectacle of Dancing Lights

Looking at the lights with all the kiddos (Bella is next to Luca)

In front of the toy soldiers and tall Christmas tree of lights


Perry and Teppie checking out the nativity scene and dancing to the music

More lights

Lukey holding Daddy's finger


January 3

Magic Kingdom


Christmas tree and decorations


Daddy and the girls in front of the castle..."Mickey's Castle"

Perry, Ella, and Bella = Trouble!!

Ella and Teppie on the Peter Pan ride

Jamie, Bella, Daddy, and Luca...Papa John, Perry, Grandma Kim

Captain Hook and Peter Pan


Breakfast at Crystal Palace








Slides in ToonTown


Too pooped to party

Luca kissin' Teppie

It's a Small World after all


Lukey loves this ride!

The castle changing colors


SpectroMagic parade

Watching the parade


Wishes Nighttime Spectacular

Terrible picture of the girls in front of the castle


January 4

Jungle Cruise

Aladdin's Magic Carpet ride

Ashes, ashes, we all fall down!

The 3 Mouseketeers

On the Scary Snow White ride...Ella protecting her big sister


(Luca was enthralled with the "ball")

Christmas tree

Princess Dinner at Akershus in Norway (again)


Sleeping Beauty


Ariel (Luca was princess'd out at this point)

Cinderella (apparently we were all princess'd out by this point)


January 5



Day at the pool


January 6

Sleeping arrangements (P&E shared the pull out couch)


Hollywood Studios...Playhouse Disney breakfast


JoJo (from JoJo's Circus)

Leo (from Little Einsteins)


Goliath (JoJo's Circus)

June (Little Einsteins)

Luca drinking some apple juice (a vacation treat)


Teppie walking in NYC...San Francisco
(Backlot at the Studios)

Playhouse Disney show

Watching the show (Luca had to borrow his sissy's blankie)

Watching the Beauty and the Beast show

The show

Waiting for the parade with chocolate shakes (such lucky kids!)



Hanging out in Mexico (back to Epcot)

On the Nemo ride (Perry was sleeping)


January 7


Animal Kingdom Christmas tree...Bug's Life tree

Shy girls in their attractive 3D bug glasses

TriceraTop Spin ride


Rainforest Cafe for lunch




Luca being a ham with his pretzel sticks

Expedition Everest (roller coaster)

Mommy and Perry on Buzz Lightyear (back to Magic Kingdom for the night)


Daddy and the girls in line for Pooh's ride

Dumbo ride


January 27

Playing with snow INSIDE

Mmmmm, tasty!


January 28

Playing with snow OUTSIDE

Luca wasn't real excited about it

The girls playing


Ella and Perry

Luca was fine if someone was holding him

We ventured out to the swingset

Luca swinging with Jamie...not too sure about the slide

Ella likes the slide!


Ella can write her name!!


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