June 6
BBQ at Lucas and Addison's House

Playing...all 9 kids in the playroom together
Eating dinner
Perry and Addison sharing stickers...coloring
Watching some Sid the Science Guy and bothering the poor puppy dog
Addison/Lisa/Lucas, Jack/Libby/Mason, Perry/Ella/Amber/Luca
(One family left early)
June 15
Father's Day pictures
June 19
Car entertainment: Ella's drawing
Accommodations for the 12+ hour car ride
June 21
Hanging out in the ocean with the Figge family
Cute little swimmers
Some serious sand castle building going on
Beach babes
June 22
Picnic at the beach
Daddy and Luca building a sand castle
June 23
We love our $2 noodles!!
Lots of people in the pool
There's our kids...gathering around for snacks

Where does he get this face?
Luca and Noel in their matching shorts
Luca and Mommy
Drinks on the deck
June 24
Lovin' the ocean
Perry is a super swimmer
Luca and Mommy
Luca doing a very important job...
Washing Courtney's feet
Ella joined in
June 25
Big waves today
Ridin' the waves with Aunt Angela and Uncle Julio
Luca contemplating going out in the ocean
Luca discovered what a fun game this was...let go of the ring and watch the Figges run down the beach after it

Lukey and Daddy in the ocean
Ocean time with grandma and grandpa
Baby "Cake" in the bucket of water
Water park fun!
Alligator slide
Daddy and Luca
Relaxing in the baby pool area
Perry loves to lounge in the water
Mommy and the girls
June 26
8 AM playdate with baby Noel
Daddy and Luca in the ocean...Ella and Perry taking a juice box break
Digging a tunnel
Inner tubes rock

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