March 8

Everyone wanted shoes on

Super cuteness



March 11

Magic House

Luca exploring

Big dollhouse

Ultimate water table

Playing in the "baby" area

Driving a boat

3 cooks in the kitchen

Mail call!


March 14

Grandma Kim's birthday at Incredible Pizza Company


Air hockey

Merry go round and rocket (Luca was being shy)

Race car


Shootin' hoops


Skee ball


Some kind of war game

Whack-a-shark and Sponge Bob games


March 16


Ella rode her bike!!
(Video has been added to video site!)


March 17


Such hams

Helping decorate green cupcakes

The little ones are less fattening, right??


(Lukey was sick today, so no pics of him in his green gear)


March 18

Parents as Teachers dinosaur activity

Making dinosaur tails

Digging for fossils

Making rock jewelry

Dinosaur names...Ella-Rex and Perry-Atops


March 30


It was a bit chilly so they have multiple layers on, which makes them look more like football players

Kicking the ball around

Ella fell down and got dirty = Not happy (she's my kid)

Lukey watching his big sissies...and wondering why we're sitting outside in the cold

Stretches...P&E are to the left

This was Perry's favorite part...the warm-up run!

Ella hanging out with Daddy after her mud incident

Getting some instruction

Luca joined in on some of the drills

1 - 2 - 3


Ella scores a goal!!

Ice cream for the soccer girls


March 31

Mommy gave in and cut Perry's bangs...but they are very sleek and stylish

Ella wanted to show off her 'do too

And the obligatory hug pictures

Self portraits of the ladies and gents


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