May 1

Luca opening his birthday present from Mommy and Daddy

Reading the card

Must be a pretty cool card!


Gotta check it all out

Lukey didn't want to drive it, so his sissies got to break it in for him


He was more concerned with his balloon and bringing everyone drinks


May 2

Luca's 2nd Birthday Party at Whittle Train Station

The party room

The train table room

Playing with the trains before the party starts


Ella and Perry taking a whack...Perry busted it in half!

Woo hoo, candy!!


Cakes...decorated by mommy and daddy (Daddy did the Thomas one)

Make a wish baby boy!

Lukey and all his friends eating cake


Luca got to leave his mark at the train station

Luca and Teppie playing with the trains...Baby Noel playing IN the trains

Happy birthday boy at lunch!


May 4


Red light, green light

Luca's got skillz

Ella kicking it back and forth with her partner

Perry kicking it with her partner

Put me in coach

Dribbling around the cones

3 buddies



May 8

Papa John swinging the 3 amigos

Monkey bars

Riesy being cute...fastest lick in the Midwest

Little monkeys


May 9

Luca LOVES corn on the cob


May 10

Happy Mother's Day!


May 17

4 Generations of Cardinals Fans


May 18
Perry & Ella's last soccer practice
Playing Red Light, Green Light
Green Light!
Luca is playing too
Perry trying to score a goal on her sister
May 19
Mommy took some (shadowy) shots of Luca in the park
He's such a ham-bone


May 20

First dentist appointment

Ella getting an introduction to the tools and chair

Brushing the teeth and sucking the water out

All cavities!

Perry's very excited about her turn

Until the teeth cleaning starts...not happy

Flossing...all clear for Perry too!

Luca is not amused


May 25

Luca's new boo boo

This kid needs to live in a bubble


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