October 10
Cardinals Playoff Game
Perry's new hairdo
October 13
Perry and Ella's Pumpkin Patch Field Trip
Snack time
Ella eating snack...Daddy and the kiddos
Perry on the swing
Ella on the swing
Luca on the swing
Mommy and Luca sliding
Are they actually posing for a picture????
Mommy and Ella
Climbing on the hay stacks
Dark tunnels
Daddy and Luca sliding
Perry on the mountain of hay...a hay pirate ship
Arrrrrrgghhhh mateys, where's yer booty?
Captain Perry...down in the pirate ship
Ella pushing Perry and Luca on the tire-go-round
Luca and Mommy
On the wagon ride
October 15
Brian and Rachel's wedding rehearsal
They did a great job walking down the aisle!!
Here comes the bride!
Entertaining ourselves with Littlest Pet Shop and coloring books
The happy couple!
October 17
Wedding Day!
Cute little Bear Bear flower girl
With Daddy
Ella wouldn't take a picture...but at least you can see her cute updo
Handsome boy
SLU's College Church
They all decided to walk in a single file line, so it was hard to get pics
The wedding
Brian and Rachel...Kelly and Dave
One final appearance
Back to the room for naps...our stadium view
Luca being silly with his "kiddie cocktail"
Courtney and Ella coloring..."CHEESE"
Perry never left the dance floor!!
Luca dancing with his mama
Perry and Brian...Ella, Rachel, Jennifer
This was Perry's favorite dance move
Dancin' machines!
October 24
Neighborhood Fall Festival
Perry and Luca petting the donkey
Our 3 little donkey riders
Luca escorting Mackenzie on a donkey ride
Ella riding the horse
Perry riding the horse
Perry LOVES the horsey!
October 29
Preschool Halloween Parade
Walking back
Their class...LOTS of Spidermen!
Sneak peak at school pics (these are pics of pics)
October 31
2 sweet candy corn witches and a handsome pirate



Trick or treat!!

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