September 1
More updates
White front door (it used to be dark green)
Living room
(painted walls and trim, moved the huge TV, and hung some pictures)
Our "kitschy" artwork in the living room (thanks to Wal-Mart and
Powder room
(repainted the red walls, painted the trim, put in a new roman shade, and hung some artwork)
Kitchen windows got new cordless roman shades too
"Pruned" the landscaping a bit
(probably need to do before and after pics to get a true appreciation for this, but let's just say it was pretty overgrown)
I love!!
(decorated our mailbox with some peel and sticks...please don't stalk us now that you know our address...LOL!)
The house in the daylight...minus a huge sweet gum ball tree and the overgrown landscaping
(we've also traded out all the lighting)
The remaining oak tree...and our sweet gum ball stump
(couldn't grind it up b/c the gas lines run right under it...of course)
The gloriously large (and naked) backyard!
(again, probably need to see side by side before and after pics...but we had about 20 trees taken out)
"Handy Nathan" has started working on the deck...we're changing it over to Trex decking
For Melanie...this is the swingset we scored for $700 on Craigslist (including pick up, powerwashing, and set up)
Dave and I took out our aggression on some wild ivy and Andrew and Courtney are adopting these hostas

September 5

Disney on Ice!

Aladdin and Finding Nemo
Mickey and Minnie
Beauty and the Beast...Woody and Buzz
Intermission fun
The guys...the girls
Mulan and The Incredibles
Grand finale!!


September 6

Trying on flower girl dresses for Rachel and Brian's wedding in October

Such darlings
September 7
Swimming at Great Aunt Carole's
Hanging out on the "island"
I'll pull you...
...if you pull me
Perry and Ella LOVE to swim!
Luca LOVES to jump!
Smiley boy
September 8
First day of school!
Big girls!
Perry was still a little "grumpy", so I snapped a few shots of Ella by herself
Goofy girls
Updates of Luca's room
From the door
It's a sports theme, can you tell?
Art above his bed...bedding
LUCA..."revamped" ceiling fan
Being cheesy
Silly kids
New closet doors...replaced the bi-fold doors
September 10
Lukey's in a big boy bed!
Little monkey kept climbing out of his he's in a big boy bed now!
September 12
Sports Sampler Class at Lifetime Fitness (our new gym)
Messin' around before class
Look out Tiger!!
Ella showing off her superior soccer skillz
A little bit of gymnastics
The Best of Chesterfield
Lukey does NOT like the bounce house
The girls
Now he's got the hang of it!
Everyone's down
Lukey and Daddy passed out after a long day
September 13
Daddy was REALLY tired
Get a good look while you can because I have a feeling these won't be up long ;)
September 17
Finally a pic of the kids in front of the new house
September 18
Forest Park Balloon Glow
Having a little picnic
And the balloons go up!
Mmmmm, funnel cake
Mommy and Luca
Goldfish balloon...Perry (and Sneetchy and Hop Hop) were the only ones who weren't afraid of the loud horn and fire!
Someone is loving the one on one attention with Daddy
Balloons in the background
Waiting for fireworks
September 18
Strassenfest in Chesterfield
Luca's face says it all, right?
At least Perry and Ella smile
Woo hoo!
Fun house
The girls went through all by themselves 2 or 3 times!!!
Do again!!!
Aren't they so cute giving their tickets to the carnie??

Lukey rode the boat by himself while the girls were in the fun house
And the carousel of course
September 26
Butterfly House with Aunt Angela and Baby Noel
Not too sure about this
Baby Noel likes the Butterfly House!
Pretty butterflies
No one's ever cooperative for a photo op
Ella and Luca looking at ROACHES
Posing with the butterfly and praying mantis
Climbing on the huge caterpillar
September 28
Working on the Letter "A"
First you color it
Then you cut it out and glue it on another piece of paper
Then you glue on eyes and teeth
And then you have Alligators!!
September 29
Halloween preview
Candy Corn Witches!


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