April 1
Trip to the Zoo
The elephants at Rivers Edge
This silly elephant decided to take a swim and was splashing all around
He tried to get his friend to join him, but no luck
Ella and Luca climbing on the bug
Riding the train
On the way to lunch we passed the fire station and got to go in and see the trucks, ring the bell, and got some free hats!
April 3
Easter at Teppie's
Family pic
Grandma Kim's Easter goodies
Perry and Luca checking out their new stuff
Hunting eggs
Perry's already counting hers up...Luca's still hunting
Now he's all done
Silly Pear Bear
Pictures the sun...with the wind
Let's try by the door
Teppie's Easter goodies
April 4th

Someone snuck downstairs before everyone else and hunted some eggs and got into his basket


Look what the Easter Bunny brought us!!!



And Crocs!


The hunt

Ella is the dog whisperer...the only one that Riesy will go up to



Self portraits


Stuhlmann Easter


Ella and Perry hunting eggs


Noel got distracted by the candy...Perry runs past him


Luca was a reluctant hunter too...just woke up from a nap


Not quite awake yet...OH, but candy makes me happy!


Perry swiped a huge slice of turkey from the table...guess she was hungry


Perry and her turkey...Ella wishing she had some turkey

Not sure what they're looking at...maybe a plane?

Grandma Deb, Papa Steve, and the grandkids
(you don't even wanna know what I was doing to get them to all look and smile)

Grandma Deb feeding Noel some pudding...Papa Steve trying to feed Ella some pudding

Perry feeding herself some pudding

Luca amusing himself with some old style Lego people


April 5

Luca passed out at the park...turned out he was sick


April 6
Magic House with Teppie and Grandma Kim


Luca with his cool-guy sunglasses on, making a bubble around him

Doesn't get much cooler than this


Perry making a big bubble around her

More bubble stuff

Teppie in the Blues Zone


Making some music


Looking in all the boxes...Luca LOVED "T" (train)



Water play


Adding to the poet-tree


This makes me laugh every time I look at it





Budding mechanics

My little muffler repairers

Truck drivers and ice cream scoopers


April 12
Swim lessons

Cardinals Opening Day!

Pujols fans

Clydesdales and Hall of Famers

Mike Shannon and Tony LaRussa

McGwire and Pujols


The eagle...the teams

Teppie and Virginia


Perry and Luca enjoying a HUGE cupcake

Sugar makes us CRAZY!

Cuz Iphones are way more fun than Cardinals games

Mulan, Princess Tiana, Prince Naveen, and Mrs Potts at the game


Ronald McDonald autographs


Teppie and the great-grandkids

Teppie and 3 of the 5 grandkids


"Watching" the game

Cardinals Arch


April 15

Luca standing by the stroller that Mommy covets


April 17
Ice cream at Maggie Moo's



April 18

Trying to get a picture of all the grandkids in bad lighting with a camera phone...not successful


April 20
Trip to the Zoo with Mommy's cousins


Big Andy, Little Luca


Looking at lizards and snakes


Luca likes the herpetarium

Perry with some turtles in the background...HUGE turtles

Ella, Arista, Perry, and Luca...all the kids (plus Tesla) with Andy and Angie

Luca is happy about his red, white, and blue popsicle


April 21
School "field trip" to Faust Park

Luca is in bubble heaven!


Potato sack races

Racing with their friend Megan

Riding the carousel


April 24
March of Dimes March For Babies

Perry and Ella's shirts say "I was a preemie...look at me now!"

Luca is ready to walk

Gearing up

We're walking!

Perry walked the whole thing!

Mommy and Luca...fruit snack break

Our group:
Daddy, Great Aunt JJ, Great Uncle John, Grandma Kim, Great Grandma Teppie, Mommy, Grandpa John
Perry, Luca, Ella


Hot dogs for lunch!


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