January 2
Tried to go to the Arch, but it was sold out
Rogan Christmas at the loft
Luca and Ella chillin' on the couch
Aunt Angela and baby Noel...Perry and Uncle Julio
Perry giving Noel some lovin' Barbie!
Luca showing off his gifts
Serious present opening
Uncle Andrew and Mommy working on all the twisty ties
Everyone likes Luca's "Man Castle"
Luca and Noel playing...Mommy and Ella
Hangin' out with Courtney and Uncle Andrew
Papa Steve and Luca playing with Mack
Not sure when these were taken b/c my new camera wasn't dated yet...
Papa John and Luca
January 12
Ice skating lessons
Bending over and practicing getting up
P&E got up with no help!!
Drawing spiders on the ice
Stomp on the spiders!
Picking up all the balls
Check out the little guy on the left, he's Luca's age!
January 17
Mommy's Birthday at the Melting Pot
Perry, Luca, Daddy, Mommy, Ella
Being silly while waiting for our chocolate
Diggin' in
The ladies...Perry snuck in with the guys
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