July 2
Swimming at Aunt Carole's house

Perry playing on the crabs...Ella swimming with the noodle


Luca and Daddy

Perry swimming underwater all by herself!!!

Luca shooting the water guns

Perry riding the dolphin and the alligator

Silly boy

Luca on the alligator with Papa

Ella riding the shark

Notice the shark and the alligator in the hot tub

Laying out

Mommy throwing Perry


July 3
Baseball game

Luca and his new doggie watching the game


Ella with her new bear...Perry with her new ball

Perry LOVES her ball


Family pics


Luca is in awe


Everyone watching

More fireworks


July 4
Neighborhood parade


Decorated the wagon and stroller

Police car, fire truck, we go!


Happy 4th of July!!

Luca wearing Daddy's hat

Waiting for the Chesterfield fireworks to start


We love fireworks!


July 9
Trip to the Zoo with some friends

All our friends

Perry and Ella on the train


Popsicle break

Tired little boy on the way home


July 14
Swim lessons


At the outdoor pool before swim class


Photography by Luca


Some pictures of his boats

He actually got Perry and Ella in the pictures


Some pictures of the indoor pool

More boats

Mommy pics

Pictures of Mommy's neck

And more boats


July 17
Ella wanted bangs like Mommy



July 19
Butterfly House with 2nd cousins Nate and Anna


Luca in the cockroach bubble

Posing by the waterfall


Pretty butterfly


Pretty flower and butterfly

On the butterfly bench

Butterfly masks


July 20
Photography by Luca at Wal-Mart


New Matchbox car


Luca's view from the cart...some of our groceries

Mommy picking out strawberries

Strawberries and produce

3 Wal-Mart employees...bright yellow guy


Luca being a ham with his schoolbus


Ella took some pictures of Riesy


July 22
Some house updates

Our new "eat in kitchen"/dining room



Some little details...Dave built the shelf all the way around the room

Looking into the kitchen through the hole we made


Our little "media center"...looking into the dining room through the hole

BEFORE and AFTER of the living room

New couch


BEFORE and AFTER of the garage

BEFORE and AFTER of the landscaping

BEFORE and AFTER of the house

BEFORE and AFTER of the house and landscaping

New landscaping bricks


July 26
Camp Joey at the Zoo

Ella and Perry


Since Luca and I had 3 hours to kill while P&E were at camp, we went to the St Louis Rams Mascot Unveiling

So there he is...RAMPAGE


And I guess I wore Luca out at the Zoo as this is how he passed out when we got home


July 27
P&E ride to camp with Daddy


Had to get brand new carseats for Daddy's car!


So fun to ride with Daddy!


July 28


Luca and the chimpanzees


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